Thursday, July 01, 2010

{July Resolutions: 2010 Edition}

1) Evaluate how I did with my June Plan
2) Make three new goals for July
3) Do my end of the second quarter check in on my quarterly goal

June Resolution Review:
1. Start refinishing the dresser in my office.
* I'm pleased to say, this project is well underway. (
See here for pictures.) I did a little bit
each week from creating a work space to stripping it, section by section. It is now completely
stripped and ready to be sanded, then refinished. I'm thrilled to have finally learned the
history of this piece of furniture that's been in my home for over a decade. It feels good to
be preserving something that's been with and around the Link family for probably fifty
years. I've enjoyed having a project to work on outside and having something to putz with
a bit here and a bit there. I look forward to getting out the sander soon.

2. Get physical. The goal = 30 minutes, five times a week.
* I kicked this goal's behind. Here's details on each week:
one, two, three, four, & five. I
worked out 24 days for a total of ... drum roll please ... 1,365 minutes from May 30th to
July 3rd. I hit the number of days in my goal exactly and surpassed the time by a lot! I feel
so much better, stronger and more energetic than when the month started. I'm no athlete,
but I feel like a happier, more energized human being. That was the point - mission
accomplished! This was the push I needed to get on an active path. It's a piece of my
personal pie that's been missing, off and on for a long time, and it's my aim to correct that.
Now, (*sigh*) to stay motivated and keep it up. :)

3. Make some new vegetarian dishes, full of produce. (Bonus if the oven is not required.)
* I did it and did it up right! I made a total of 14 new things this month (12 from recipes and
two that I dreamed up). I experimented with new food items, cooked some of the things I
normally love to eat out and opened myself up to great new vegetarian options. You can
click here, here and here to see photos and recipes. (I have one more -- black bean burgers
-- from last night that I'll post soon.) Overall, I'm thrilled with the output of this goal, and I
think I established some solid, sustainable new habits. I found a few excellent resources for
vegetarian recipes online, and I made a routine of shopping for two meals at a time. That's a
pace that seems to work for us.

For our combined resolution to
go on at least one date a month, David and I ...
* We went to his office together in the morning so he could work and I could edit photos.
Then, it was home for a nap, some sun by the pool and out for sushi (veggie rolls for me)
at Sakana. A nice day together!
* Went to volunteer training orientation at HALO Animal Rescue.
* Went to a Diamondbacks game.
* Went to Macy's to buy an ice cream maker and then made Peach Sorbet the next day.
* Went to Murphy's Law in dt Chandler for a beer, a sandwich and a little US Open.
* Flew to Seattle for a long weekend with friends. Enjoyed walking around the city together,
eating with and without other people, seeing the sites, taking a nap in our 14th floor room,
and much more. It was great!

For the second quarter of my 2010 goal to volunteer at least once a quarter, I ...
* Donated
whole blood (April 9th)
* Donated platelets and red blood cells (June 9th) -- First time doing this. Went well!
* Made 107 cards for our troops (see
here and here) in May.
* Went to training orientation at HALO Animal Rescue (June 6th). David went, too.
This worked out to be about three hours a month, on average. I'm happy with my second
quarter execution for the most part. I feel like I did a little bit to pay it forward and give
back to my community. Next quarter, I want to get more integrated with the community,
doing things with a group of local volunteers. I have a couple things lined up that I'm really
looking forward to.

July Resolutions:
1. Edit photos. I'm way behind.
2. Craft (if even a little) and prep for an upcoming crafty project.
3. Reach out socially.

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