About Me

If I had nine lives, I'd say I've already lived at least three
of them. But I'm most excited about what's yet to come.

I thought I'd share a little about myself for those of you
who don't know me well and happened to find my blog. 

I was born and raised in a small Michigan town that I
couldn't wait to escape. I moved to "the big city" 30
minutes away, which in hindsight, was still a pretty small
corner of the world. I dabbled in community college, but
I tended bar for most of the next four and a half years.

That's how I met David, the love of my life. He used to come into the restaurant
where I worked to meet up with his friends who also worked there. Then, one day,
he started coming in to see me.

We moved to Dallas, Texas for his career (in building construction management) a year
and a half later. I found work there with a newspaper doing advertising sales -- a job that
ended up being a fabulous experience for me. David and I got married in 2003, just over
midway through our time in Texas.

His company later moved us to Arizona. I decided to take the move and the new
city as an opportunity to go back to school to become a journalist.

It's the only thing I ever really wanted to do.

The day I realized I had to follow that dream, I got online to apply to the nearest
university only to discover a small miracle. We just happened to land in a spot with
an amazing journalism program -- the Walter Cronkite School -- right in our new
backyard. It was a small-world moment for me.

It wasn't long before that world of mine opened up and got a lot bigger. We took a
detour in 2006 that included a long flight, courtesy of David's job. It landed us in
Ireland for a year. I didn't have a work visa. So, I was forced to spend the year being
a professional tourist. Poor me, I know. It was incredible.

We eventually found our way back to Arizona with a handful of amazing life
experiences in our pockets. We live in Chandler now, and it's definitely home.

We have three kids. None of them are little humans, but they're all very cute and
fuzzy. They make my heart smile everyday. (Seriously, I'd get a puppy a year if
we had endless time, space and money.) Meet Killian, Norah and Oliver.

Looking back, the personal accomplishment I'm most proud of is finally finishing
school. I graduated from Arizona State in December 2009 with a degree in journalism
and a minor in political science.

Like every good journey, mine has taught me a lot about myself and what's important
to me. I always have to have something creative happening in my life. I get most of that
through having a camera in my hands, but sometimes it comes from time spent with
paper, scissors and glue. I'm a vegetarian with a pretty strong need to live in harmony
with the environment, and I find a real sense of peace when I take time to connect with
the power and guidance of Mother Nature. This last year, I've also started to realize the
importance of giving back to and creating a connection with community. These are some
of the things that make me ... me.

If all that living is "three lives down", that means there's six to go. I'm excited about
the promise and potential that the rest of my journey holds.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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