Tuesday, June 01, 2010

{June Resolutions: 2010 Edition}

1) Evaluate how I did with my May Plan
2) Make three new goals for June

May Resolution Review:

1. Make cards to donate for our soldiers.
* DONE! I made 107 in total! (You can see part 1 here and part 2 here.) I sent 83 of them
to cards for soldiers. A batch of 24 is going to the VA Healthcare System in Phoenix.
Here's the breakdown of card types:
- 24 American Flag photo
- 24 red, white and blue star
- 24 I miss you
- 16 thinking of you
- 19 happy birthday

2. Do research on what companies are doing animal testing. Discontinue use of any products
we have by those companies, if any.
* This wasn't easy to look into, which I expected. The realities of animal research are
horrifying. Just thinking about it turns my stomach and makes me tear up. During my
research, I had to walk away from the computer a few times, collect myself and then
return for more. But it was really good for me to look into again. It reinforced what I
know, and that's that I want to work toward living an animal cruelty-free lifestyle,
starting with having a household of products that are not tested on animals. Fortunately,
I've been replacing toxic cleaners and products with natural ones over the past several
years. (Is it coincidence that I get sick less and my psoriasis has never been better?)
My house isn't 100% natural though. So, it's no surprise that I found some offenders.
The list of products we have and use regularly that are tested on animals is fairly small.
I have or will be discontinuing the use of all of them. Also, I'm working on a post explaining
what I learned and why I was motivated to look into it. It'll have tons of links it if you want
quick access to lists of products that are and aren't tested on animals. Anyway, I feel
great about doing this, and I will be looking into changing out some products in the
month of July! (UPDATE: You can read about a few things I learned here.)

3. Start every single day with something that's energizing, important or a task that I would
normally put off.
* This went well! I wanted to stay off the computer (as it can be a real time suck in the
morning) and have a strong start to my day. Plus, I feel my best during early morning.
So, I should use that for good! I found a trick that really helped. First thing in the morning,
during those minutes between waking up and actually getting out of bed, I'd decide what I
was going to do to start my day. It totally worked! There were a few days (2nd, 6th, 15th)
that I got a slow start. That's when the computer -- otherwise known as the path of least
resistance -- would win for a bit. But 30 minutes to one hour later, my goal pushed me up
and into the task I planned to do. On the 30th, I had a slight self-induced wine flu. I
watched E! for an hour and a half, but then I jumped up and took the dogs for a great
walk! And on the 31st, D and I had a very intentionally lazy morning. I gave myself a free
pass there. Otherwise, I had a lot of good starts! I took a couple bike rides, did some yoga,
started laundry, job search stuff, went to a couple one-to-one appointments for my MAC,
went grocery shopping, had appointments with Chelsie, did things for friends, and worked
on little projects that needed to get done like photo editing or organizational goals. It felt
good and as it should be! This is something I will keep up! It's a lifestyle choice that I want
to make a firm habit for the long run, no matter what I'm doing in my life.

For our combined resolution to go on at least one date a month, David and I ...
* Went to Tucson for a weekend (May 7-9). We did our own thing quite a bit of the time,
but we shared room service, some pool side sunning, a nap, and a few meals. We both most
enjoyed two evenings in front of a fire on the patio, looking at the stars.
* Went to the movies to see Robin Hood and hit up Pita Jungle for dinner (May 16)
* Sunday dinner and visit with the Hendrick's at their place (May 23).
* A whole chill day together (May 30) -- breakfast out, errands and shopping, a nap at
home, and out again for sushi (vegetarian rolls for me). It was a nice day!

June Resolutions:

1. Start refinishing the dresser in my office.
2. Get physical. The goal = 30 minutes, five times a week.
3. Make some new vegetarian dishes, full of produce. (Bonus if the oven is not required.)

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Axela said...

Sam, good luck on your June resolutions! You are so inspiring! I have 5 things to do and you add new things every month. That is a lot of work, I am sure you will get to all of them and will have a great review in July.