Saturday, September 22, 2007

No Longer Accepting Reservations

I feel like the last month has just been a warm up for what is
promising to be a busy remainder of the year. I can't believe
we already have the rest of 2007 booked. There are a lot of
exciting things on the docket though...

  • Today...Jennifer (Traverse City Jen) and Matt will be arriving in Phoenix. They got married in Las Vegas this week, (Congratulations, guys!!) and they're going to take a road trip through the desert to visit us so we can help them celebrate.

  • David will be in Albuquerque with his dad for a golf-weekend-getaway. Is that next weekend? I don't recall.

  • Mid-October...I have midterms, papers and a speech happening

  • Oct 31...we get to pass out Halloween candy for the first time (I am so dressing up.)

  • Nov Lindsay's shower and baccalaureate party (She's getting married!!)

  • Nov 2-4...David may go to Oregon that weekend for the OU v. ASU game with Brian Moroney

  • Nov 7-11...we'll be in HAWAII for the PCI Company Trip (Seriously. How cool is that??)

  • Nov 12-15...David will be in Scottsdale for their reward week because he reached his margin goal at work this fiscal year

  • Nov 22-27...Sandy will be here for Thanksgiving

  • Nov 29...Our 4th wedding anniversary (David, don't forget!!)

  • Nov 30...Prewedding night festivities for Lindsay and Michael. All the girls are going to stay at my place afterwards (I think).

  • Dec 1...Lindsay and Michael's wedding where I have the honor of being a bridesmaid

  • Dec 3-12...Finals

  • Dec 15...David's company Christmas Party

  • Dec 24-Jan 1...Christmas, my birthday (30th) and New Years

  • Sometime in the first two weeks of January...Jen and Jack Truman will visit us for a week or so. Though, they might come the week before Christmas, and Scott may visit for a couple days, too. (Thrilled to bits about that.)

  • Jan 14...I start a new semester at ASU

I think I'll sleep through the first week of classes. : )

The last month has been a good one. School is in
full swing, and I'm totally enjoying it. It's keeping
me busy but, its also been manageable. I'm liking
my classes a lot. French, always a challenge, has
been better this semester because I have a brilliant
professor. She is incredibly effective. Absolutely love
her. My first paper was due in another class last
Monday, which I had so much fun writing, and
I also had to deliver my first public speaking
speech that day. It was an informative speech.
So, I did mine on the process at Waterford Crystal
because I had great pictures from the tour Mary
and I took there. I was a little nervous for it.
(Who am I kidding. I was a lot nervous.) I'm
hoping not to be for the next one. Midterms will
be coming up soon. So, I'm just trying to stay on
top of French and my reading so I'll be ready.
On little breaks in between, I've also been working
on putting a photo album together. That's been
loads of fun for me.

Norah was sick for a full two weeks after her
surgery. SO SAD! It didn't really hit her until the
third day, but once it did, we were making lots and
lots of trips outside. Poor thing. We felt so bad for her!
I think all the chemicals from the surgery --
anesthesia and pain pills -- were too much for her to
process. We had a few near sleepless nights, one very
messy night (yes, inside the house as we slept -- ick!),
and many hot minutes sitting outside with her. TMI? : )
Of course, I finally took her to the vet (and spent $127)
only for her to be fine from that moment on -- the last
time she got sick was right before I took her in.
Murphy's Law, I suppose. Or so I thought...

She seems to be sick again. I gave her medicine for
two weeks, and we gave her special food for sensitive
stomachs for awhile the first time around. Now I'm
thinking maybe she doesn't agree with her dog food,
which (might not be right because she seemed fine
with it for her first several months). We're in the
process of switching her over to a new one this
weekend. If that doesn't help in a couple of days, it's
back to the vet for more testing. ($$). I am really
starting to worry about this. I feel so badly for her.
It's comforting though that she is still full of energy,
smiles and tail wagging. She's sleeping a normal
amount and acting perfectly normal, minus the
regular and intrusive poo problems. So, we'll see
what happens there.

She is losing her puppy-fuzz hair. So sad about that.
So, so sad. Her back hair feels more like Killian's now.
I wish she would stay a puppy forever. I'm such a fan
of that stage. If we had a big enough house...and a
money tree...and a person to come over and clean up
dog hair daily...and a dog walking assistant...and a poo
picker upper assistant...I'd buy a puppy every year.
They're good for the soul. Mine anyway. Like the
other day, for example, I was sitting at the computer
writing a paper when Norah meandered in. She sat
down next to me, as close as she could possibly get.
Then she looked up at me with those big, puddly
eyes to let me know she was ready for a little
attention. I patted my lap -- her cue to stand up
and put her front paws on my legs so I can love on
her. This time though, she reared back and launched
her whole 50 pound puppy body into my lap. I was not
ready for that, but I couldn't help but laugh out loud
with joy. She's awesome.

David had a long weekend in Michigan recently. He
met three friends from Oregon there for the MI/OR
game. He got to see his mom and Jim, dad and Mary,
Grandma Link, and my brother and Pam in addition
to hanging out with the Moroneys who flew in. It
sounded like they had a great time. The following
week he was sick with a bad cold. He's also been busy
at work with two huge bids - both of which are for
high rise apartment/condos in Tempe (where ASU
is). Plus, he has been doing his class on Tuesday
nights from 6 to 9:30. He only has two more weeks
of that, and I think he's beyond ready for it to wrap
up! Today, he is playing in his golf league with Anthony.
I'm glad he has that time to relax.

No real updates on Killian this month, except that he's
just been his wonderful, sweet, amazing, perfect self
that lights up my world everyday.

We added two new pictures to our main living room
wall. We bought them with a house warming gift certificate
that Aaron and Pam gave us. I love them. (Thanks, guys!)

Having to hang them finally motivated me to patch and
paint over the holes that were in that wall from the
previous owners wall hangings. I can't believe we've been
here almost a YEAR and I just finally got
around to that! C'est la vie! (At least mine, anyway.)

Drum roll, please....
I finally finished putting my office together.
Remember the office I told you we painted during
the first week of JULY? Well, it's been a mess ever
since because I've had the wall shelves and all the stuff
to go on them in the corner of the room. I finally got my
project partner to hang them for me on Thursday. I
quickly decorated them like a happy little bee -- thrilled
to finally have my space organised! Here's a peak for those
of you who live too far away to drop by anytime soon.

First, the BEFORE...

And then, the AFTER...

These silver boxes were originally bought for the shelves,
but they were too big and too heavy. So, I converted them
into an end table.

I have to pick up the pictures I had developed for those
frames on the dresser later today. They're both from Dublin
-- ones taken on my last day there. And refinishing the
dresser is also in my plans. I'm thinking in 2008.

Big difference though, huh? I'm really happy with how
it turned out, and I love having a room that's all mine!

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