Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Show-and-Tell, Part 2

What a project I've undertaken to get all my scrapbook
pages photographed, cropped and uploaded! It's been
a fun one for me though -- lots of memories. Besides,
now if anything happens to my books, knock on wood,
at least I'll have a digital copy of them.

Before I get to the pages in the first scrapbook I made, I
wanted to post these. They should have been in the last

David with a fishing reel at his family's cottage in northern
MI. I had heard a lot about "the cottage", which made
getting to go there extra special. Mary's dad built it, and
it's absolutely lovely -- a stones through from Lake
Michigan. David and I visited it for a week with his family
in 2005.

My brother, Aaron, and me hanging out on one of our
visits to Indiana. I was so proud of him for making the
decision to get his masters at Notre Dame, especially
considering he was already so busy with his career and
family. He's a total inspiration to me, and that's what this
page is about.

Now, on to the old school stuff! It's kind of funny to
look back. I'm glad I have these to help us remember
events and fun days. But man, did I use a lot of bright
colors and so many pictures per page!

I remember the very first time I scrapbooked. It was
with Julie, Stephanie and Jaylene at a place called the
Scrapbook Warehouse in Lewisville, Texas. It was an
enormous store filled with tools, paper and
embellishments I had no idea even existed. I took
David back there the next day to get a few more
things. He just followed me around shaking his head,
fully aware that he was in for me spending a lot of
time and money there! Anyway, Julie was our ring
leader and the person that really got me into this
hobby. I'm so glad she did! I just miss our 6 PM to
2 AM all-night-crop-nights and wish we still lived
close enough to do that together.

All the following pages are double layouts --
two pages that sit side-by-side in the book...

(And it's of my favorite subject -- David!)

David fishing on our first vacation together in Cape
Hatteras, NC. We went with his mom, his aunt, uncle,
cousin and a bunch of their friends. Good times.

A page of D with his brother Brian
and me with my brother Aaron...

Our visit to Chicago for Tracy's baby shower when she was
preggers with Alex. Jim, mom, David and I hung out
downtown for a day...

When I started scrapbooking, our nephew Aidan was
already four years old. So, I took my favorite pictures of
him and made this...

Did the same with our niece Catherine...

And our nephew Alex, too...

A big group of us in Texas did a monthly dinner club
together. This is the one David and I hosted. We had
blue crab flown in from MD and David showed everyone
how it was done...

Shawn and Stephanie's first, Austin...

Couples camping trip (from when we lived in TX).
Yes, that's David in the Emergency Room...

Our first Thanksgiving in Phoenix...

David's 30th birthday Party in Dallas. We went for Tapas
at a Spanish Restaurant and sat out on the patio. We had
cake there, too. Then we all went to a bar nearby for a few

David and his dad at a course in Dallas...

David's sister Marya at her graduation from
Georgetown in D.C...

The Sunday after Marya's graduation, we took the train to
Annapolis to see David's aunt, uncle and cousin. Of course,
they took us out for blue crab!!!

The next three pages are from Jim and Sandy's
wedding. It was a fun weekend -- totally worth
a flight in from Dallas!!
First, the rehearsal...

The wedding...

Pictures from before, during and after the wedding...

Some of my favorite pictures of David -- all in different
moods and with different expressions. He's so cute!

And that's it! Thanks for letting me share.
Hope you're all having a good week.


Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

I don't ever want to see that "mood" from you again!!!! You are a beautiful, lovely, perfect, wonderful, sexy woman!!! Believe it!


Doreen Martinez said...
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Doreen Martinez said...

I love these page! So cute! I am a pretty avid scrapbooker too. I think my other hobby is cruising around the web looking for inspiration! I am currently in a contest to win a FAB scrapbooking desk. Please check out the great furniture at this site and feel free to vote for my entry, #274 in the giveaway gallery. i think you will love the products.

Doreen Martinez