Thursday, August 30, 2007

Show-and-Tell, Part 1

I had a lot of fun sharing my more recent scrapbook pages
with you the other day -- so, I've decided to catch up
and post more. I'm going to do it in two batches.

The first of which includes pages I've made while living
in Phoenix. You can click to enlarge if you want to see the
details or the journaling better. Enjoy!

Killian at 9 weeks, sitting in the grass patch in front of our
old apartment in Phoenix (Ahwatukee).

This is a fairly recent page -- made it earlier this summer.
Our niece, Lauren, at Binder Park Zoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan
last year. I took the idea for this page straight out of an idea
book. Not so creative of me, but I still love how it turned out.
And I love taking pictures of Lauren. She is so photogenic
and sweet!

My girl, Jen Truman! Another fun page -- this is when I
was just starting to break into using new products and
techniques. It was really fun to make, and I smile every
time I see it because I think it says a lot about Jen and
how I feel about her.

Killian with David and Sandy in Mason, Michigan. I wanted
to do a page about his stay with them while we were overseas.
It meant the absolute world to me that Jim and Sandy were
willing to do that for us. It's no small thing to agree to take a
one year old lab into your home for the better part of a year!
We missed him SO MUCH, but we never worried about him.
They took amazing care of him and gave him so much love.
We could not have asked for more, and I'm pretty sure we're
forever indebted to them!

David and dad in Farmington, Michigan. I remember them
sharing a good laugh while I snapped these pictures. It's
fun to watch the two of them together.

Link ladies! David's sister Marya, Grandma Link, and me.
Marya, David and I went to visit grandma and grandpa at
their house for lunch one day when we were in from Dallas.
It was a really nice day, and a very special one for me.

My guy!

The first time we met Killian. He was so tiny!
Waiting for him to be old enough to come home with us was
the worst! We both fell hard and fast for this little guy.
He's held a very special place in our hearts ever since --
we often say he's right up there with each other and some
days I think he wins first place!!

Jennifer Jones (some of you know her as Traverse City
Jennifer). This was taken at the hotel the night before my
wedding in East Lansing, Michigan.

Our nephew Alex on a tire swing when we were all in northern
Michigan in 2005. I love this picture.

David's dad took this picture of us at Bear Creek Golf Course
in Dallas. David did a lot of golfing there, and Art came in to
run his junior tour there, as well. It gave him an extra opportunity
to come visit us.

A double pager of Killian nuzzling my sweater on the guest
bed at Sandy's house.

One of my very favorite pages --
I got this picture of Aidan and Catherine for Christmas one
year, and I just love it.

And finally, the following are photo album pages I've
made in the past couple of weeks...

Aaron's little Catherine has grown up so fast! Here she is
when we all stopped at a park in South Bend, Indiana on the
way to the zoo.

I posted these pictures on the blog recently --
They're from Norah's first day at her new house. There
were too many to scrapbook. So, I thought these album
pages would work better. (Linds, this is that new
paper you shared with me. I really like it. Thanks!)

Killian in Albuquerque, New Mexico when we were there
visiting David.

And last but not least, some special Link Family pictures
taken quite a few years ago -- maybe 2001? Not sure of
the date. I know it was at the service for David's Grandpa
Alderman. We flew in from Dallas for it, and although it
was for a sad occasion, it was nice to be able to be together.

Hope you enjoyed checking these out. Thanks for
stopping in!

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Very nice Sam!
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