Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Next Chapter

This was a big week for the Link ladies! I started a new
semester at school and Norah had surgery to get spayed.

It's usually my thing to take the dogs to the vet, but I
really wanted to be able to home with Norah the day
after her surgery to be sure she was comfortable. That
meant her appointment had to be on Wednesday,
and since I was in class, I couldn't take her or pick
her up.

So, David grabbed the reigns and did an AMAZING
job! Turns out he might be a bigger softy than I am!
He pampered her all evening -- even brought her
a glass of water so she didn't have to get up and
walk to her bowl for a drink after taking her pill.
When she didn't take a sip, he dipped his finger in
the water and gave that to her to lick. AND, as if
that wasn't sweet enough, he made her some
chicken and hand fed it to her while she was
laying on the couch! It was beyond cute. He
always says I go overboard with the coddling but
this time he got the bug, and he got it bad!

She was so groggy the evening of. When I got
home from school, she stood up to greet me but
her little tail was barely even moving. Then she
gingerly sauntered over to her bed in the living
room, almost falling asleep before she made
contact with it. We have been happy to see her
more and more herself every day since. Now if
we can just keep her out of the pool for 10 days
while she recovers...

As for me, the school bell rang again this week.
Taking summer classes has a way of making the
calendar seem to move faster. I actually thought
I had a three week break between summer and
fall, but it turns out there were only two. It moved
a few things forward for me, but that's okay. I'm
happy to be back at it! Here's what I'm taking:

  • POS439 -- Minority Groups in Politics
  • FRE102 -- My second of four required French classes
  • MCO302 -- Media Research Methods
  • COM225 -- Public Speaking

  • I have class on MWF this semester again, but one
    of my classes airs on cable. I actually set the DVR
    to record it on M and W afternoon, and then I
    watch it on T and TH. How cool is that?! It also
    helps to balance out my M and W schedule a lot,
    too. I have a nice break in between each class to
    study a little. I also think I got really lucky in the
    instructor department. I'm very pleased with
    what I've seen so far. The biggest relief is with
    my French professor -- Learning a language is
    not something that comes easily to me. She has
    a nice delivery style -- organised and clear. Plus,
    she isn't afraid to explain a few things in English.
    Whew! I'm particularly excited about my poli sci
    prof though. His first lecture was one of the best
    I've ever been to. I heard he was awarded
    Professor of the Year last year, and I can already
    see why. I think that class is going to be amazing.

    So, I'm excited for the new semester. I love fall;
    although, fall in Arizona is not really the fall I love.
    Either way, the weather will be cooling down here soon
    and will remind us why we love it here so much. Thank
    goodness! We had a HOT start to the semester --
    112, 110, 105 degree days. We had a really nice rain storm
    here on Friday night though. It brought much cooler
    temperatures and scrumptious cloudy skies Saturday

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