Monday, May 24, 2010

{Cards for Soldiers, Part Two}

It's best to keep it simple when quantity is the priority in card making.
So, I borrowed inspiration from a quick batch of cards I made last month
and got busy cutting, gluing and folding.

The result: Another 59 cards --
* 19 Happy birthday
* 24 I miss you
* 16 Thinking of you

They're all going to benefit the work Pam is doing over at Cards for Soldiers. She
sends them to our troops where they're stationed, and then they use the blank
inside cards to write home to their family and friends. It's a pretty cool project
that she founded and has supported for four years!

I think that'll do it for my May goal to make some cards for our troops.
These in combination with the last batch gives me a total of 107 in all.
I'm really excited to have finished the project! It was a lot of fun and a
simple way to support our men and women in uniform.


Lis said...

i love you! thats so sweet. Seriously.

Reeni said...

I think it's great that you're doing this! I bet the troops will really appreciate your kind gesture!