Saturday, June 12, 2010

{Get Physical: Week Two}

I'm happy to report, I woke up on the 6th and was excited to kick off the second week of
my month long goal to get my ass in gear. My legs were (sooooo) sore from the workout I
had done the day before! I was ready to exercise though. It's high time to make it happen,

Day One -- Sunday, June 6th:
A 40 minute walk -- two and a half miles with the dogs along the canal. We didn't get going
until 7:40AM. So, it was already warm out there. I worked up an awesome sweat, and my
sore legs warmed up in the first couple minutes. (But then they continued to hurt all day,
and I was walking like an old woman. That's hot.)

Day two -- Monday, June 7th:
I was going to take today off but I felt the urge to exercise all day! So, I muddled through
35 minutes with that Jillian Michael's DVD late in the afternoon. I had a stronger start
with it this time. I also made it farther into it, finishing the warm up and the first four
circuits. It felt great, but holy hell, that's a work out. My heart rate is UP! Time to hit the
showers ... again.

Day three -- Tuesday, June 8th:
An awesome four mile, one hour and seven minute walk. I didn't have the dogs. (D took
them for a run.) So, I went on the roads, and I loved having a change of scenery. (McQueen
between Riggs and Hunt is gorgeous!) Then, I came home, recharged for a few, and spent
20 minutes weed whacking and mowing the lawn. That's a total of 87 minutes for today.

Day four -- Friday, June 11th:
Really didn't want to today. Didn't want to get up early to beat the heat. Didn't want to
exercise or sweat or any of it. But I woke up and was out of the house by 6AM. Had a
great 40 minute, two and a half mile walk with the dogs.

Day five -- Saturday, June 12th:
Ended on a good note. A 70 minute, four mile plus walk with some light jogging & skipping
(when no one was looking). I took my ipod, and it made for a much more energetic outing.
I started off with the dogs, but they ended up going with David when we saw him out on
the canal. What a beautiful morning it was!

(You get that these pictures were taken after working out, right? I know they're not hot.
No make up, sweat, hair pulled back, etc. The little paragraph and the web cam shot is
like the victory lap I get to take after I finish my planned workout. I'm trying to stay

I'm loving that this goal is pushing me forward and getting me moving! It really does feel
fantastic, and I'm excited that I've followed through so far. I'm not focusing on weight loss,
although, it'll be great if that happens, but the other benefits like lowering my triglycerides,
opening up my lungs, making me feel sexy, and improving my cardiovascular health. Those
are the factors that require this to be more than just a monthly goal but a life style choice.

This week, I got moving in that direction with five days and 272 minutes.
That's 47 more minutes over last week and 122 more than required to meet my goal!!

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Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

Good job Sammy Davis Jr! That's a big accomplishment!