Saturday, June 19, 2010

{Get Physical: Week Three}

Another week. I'm so ready to meet and exceed my goal for June to get moving at least
five days a week for at least 30 minutes a time.

Day one -- Sunday, June 13th:
Went for a four and a half mile walk that took me an hour and 21 minutes to complete.
I didn't take the dogs today. So, I went the other way on the canal where there was great
energy -- people were out, new things to see. It was nice and calm -- fabulous think time.

Day two -- Monday, June 14th:
A quick 40 minute, two and a half mile walk today. Enough to get the blood flowing, the
oxygen pumping and my mind in a good place. I love starting the day off by taking the
dogs out. It's great bonding time, and the exercise keeps them happy. I feel like I'm being
a good puppy mom when I take them out in the morning. :)

Day three -- Wednesday, June 16th:
An evening bike ride was the order of the day. I went four and a half miles (the same
route I took Saturday morning for my walk) in 30 minutes. It was awesome -- a cool
evening, smooth and uninterrupted sidewalk along a lighted canal. Unfortunately, I
ingested a bug while in motion. Gag reflex was induced. Blurg.

Day four -- Friday, June 18th:
One hour, four mile walk with my happy dogs. Lovely morning! And done before 7AM.
Then, did 15 minutes of yard work -- just a quickie lawn mow.

Day five -- Saturday, June 19th:
I didn't wanna today. Not at all. I stayed up super late working on a little project, which
I almost never do. So, I slept in 'til 8AM to get extra sleep. I was still tired and just wanted
to chill in my PJs with some coffee. I totally would have done that before making this goal.
But I knew the temperatures were only moving up, and if I was going to get out there, I
better act. So, I pushed myself out the door, moaning every step of the way, and I did it! A
four and a half mile bike ride in 30 minutes. It took a lot for me to do it today, but I was
really thankful to my goal for pushing me to make it happen. The coffee I made at 8AM was
still sitting in the pot calling me, but I decided to keep moving a little more. So, I trimmed
two of our grass bushes. That gave me another40 minutes. Now, I feel like I ended the week
on a good note. :)

This week, I did five days and a total of 296 minutes. That's 24 minutes over last week and
146 more than required to meet my goal. (Doesn't 146 minutes sound so much better than
"about two hours and a half hours"?) Starting Tuesday, I noticed I didn't crave sweets
basically at all. Could it be that this is working?

p.s. New hair color this week!

Bon week-end!


Ale said...

Hey you!!

Great progress!! And I like the hair too! very very nice. I am still walking a solid hour every day but weekends. Today we went to the storage place and moved boxes and started moving stuff around so I count that as my workout. I will have downtime on Monday morning and will be in Cape Cod. Will give you a call to see if you are around and catch up. I feel I haven't talked to you in ages. Keep up the good work!!

Killara girl said...

stop're putting me to shame. if you lived nearby i'd come walk with you.