Sunday, June 20, 2010

{Happy Father's Day}

David is as crazy in love with our furry babies as I am. (Although he thinks its it's totally
annoying when I call them "our babies".) I appreciate the way he cares for them so much.
In fact, it seriously might be one of his most charming qualities. So, I wanted to help him
celebrate his kids, the awesome relationship they have and preserve a few memories.
This is what I came up with ...

The video quality from the Flip is a little different then the cameras I'm used to using
from ASU. :) But I was still thrilled with how it turned out, and it fed my soul to do
some editing.


Of course, we're thinking of Art and Jim today. David is lucky enough to have two dads,
and he's sweet enough to share them with me. Also, special Father's Day wishes to my
brother, Aaron, and his brother, Brian, who are both totally dedicated and amazing dads.

And no less important, happiest birthday wishes to Jennifer Jones and Jennifer Truman!
My two Jens -- my dearest, oldest friends. I love you, girls! I hope neither of you have to
share too much of your special day with boys.


Trujen said...

WOW!!! That is so sweet. Made me cry with happiness.

and thanks for the b-day wish!!!

Kristi said...

Sam, I am bawling right now. I have been going through tough emotional stuff lately and now I am away from home for 6 weeks and really missing my own babies. This was so sweet but also made me so sad. That was such a sweet video, I hope David loved it. You are the most thoughtful I know

Anne said...

Nice video, Sam. I am proud of you. Really good song selections to go along with the great photos and film. David might not like it when you call him "Daddy" when referring to the animals, but let's face it, we all know we play important roles in the lives of our pets. Humans domesticated animals like cats and dogs for many hunt, clean (yes, clean), protect, and affection. (Our pets picked up on the affection part really great!) They have become dependent upon us for food and shelter for those very reasons. They love us more than we love our own parents and sometimes, even more than our own children love us. Tell David to wear his tag with pride. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be as perfect as our pets think we are!?!

Alejandra said...

Hey Sam,
Loved the video, it is soooo cute! Great job!