Sunday, August 01, 2010

{Resolution Time: August 2010 Edition}

1) Evaluate how I did with my July Plan
2) Make three new goals for August

July Resolution Review:
1. Edit photos.
* I really focused on accomplishing this goal throughout the month, and I got a lot done.
* Made a big dent in photos taken in Seattle. Half marathon photos, edited and delivered to Betsy and the Hendricks. Photos of the Hendricks family, also edited and delivered. Two
other batches of fun photos for me done, here and here. I still have more to get to, but at
least all the ones people are waiting for have been finished up. The rest are for us.
* This wasn't originally on my list of need-to-edit photos when I set the goal, but I did a
4th of July photo-op in Prescott and had fun editing all those photos.
* A huge batch taken for Adriana at her mom's 60th surprise party. I took over 400 that
night, and I'm thrilled that they are done and delivered! Here's a few I took of her and her
fam while I was there. Plus, there were many more that included every guest at the party,
food, cake, hanging out, the surprise, hugs, tears, laughter, etc. Lotsa editing!
* Jen Truman's maternity photos. Taken in February, the editing is way overdue. I finally
sat down to get them done and was happy with how they turned out, for the most part. I
will post them here once I deliver them to Jen. Look for them in the second week of August.

2. Craft, if even a little, and prep for an upcoming craft project.
* This was 50% successful. :( Even thought I didn't accomplish this one in full, I feel okay
about it. The photo editing was my priority since people were waiting on those.
* I did zero crafting. So, that was a big fat fail. However, I managed to make two craft
dates for August. So, I'll be getting to that soon, and I'm really looking forward to it!
* I did most of the prep work I wanted to do for that upcoming craft project I mentioned.
(It's for a gift. So, I won't expand on that now.) For it, I scanned exactly 100 photos. It felt
great to get that done, and now I can return them to their owner. I also saved a few photos
that were emailed to me into the project folder. I have a little more prep work to do for it,
but that was everything I had planned to do this month when I set the goal.
* UPDATE: I had a craft date with Bre on August 2nd. I made two Christmas houses!

3. Reach out socially.
* Got together with Kim ... a few times! We had dinner in dt Gilbert one night. Then, on a
Saturday, we had a whole volunteer day. We met up at 6AM to go to dt Phoenix where
we cleaned and sorted building materials at a Habitat for Humanity supply warehouse.
After breakfast and a nap, we went to a fundraiser/craft show in Gilbert. It was fun!
* Even though I wasn't the one who initiated it, I went to three birthday parties. Two firsts
and a 45th. It was nice to help the people we love celebrate and socialize with them and
their families. At each of the parties, I ended up making plans for things later on, including
one potential photo shoot!
* Grabbed a meal with Megan, friend and fabulous former dog sitter, who is home from
Stephens College for the summer. Had a great time catching up!
* Went to see the musical production of The Wedding Singer in at Desert Stages Theatre
in Scottsdale with Debbie Cox and her daughter, Sydney. It was hilariously entertaining,
and I was so impressed with every inch of it.

For our combined resolution to go on at least one date a month, David and I ...
* Went to Prescott for a day trip to enjoy some Independence Day Weekend festivities.
* Went to see the fireworks on the 4th, after spending the day together, relaxing.
* Friday night dinner out at Pita Jungle, followed by soft serve ice cream.
We went to three birthday parties together, too, even though those weren't "dates".
We had a quiet date month overall, but we fist bumped on doing better next month. :)

August Resolutions:
1. Pantry re-org
2. Night time routine
3. Do three new-to-me green living, eco-friendly things. Ideas might include: homemade
cleaning products, new green restaurant, new green recipe, wrap the water heater, etc.

In August, I'm also looking very forward to a getaway with my husband. We're going to
see family and two of my friends (and their families). I'm excited to do some fun things
with David. I want to focus on staying true to myself, enjoying the moment, taking it all
in, connecting, and doing some memorable things. And I'll be participating in the August
Photo Hunt Challenge. There's still plenty of time to join if you want to. Click here for
details and sign-up.

What are you working on right now? What are some of your priorities for living with balance
and intention? I'd love to hear about it.

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Ale said...


I am so proud of you. I want to be like you when I decide to grow up. Balance and intention...very good words with a lot of meanings. I will think more about them and start working on some stuff...moving forward!
Take care and keep up the great job!