Friday, July 16, 2010

{Hendricks Huddle}

We love the Hendricks family. :) Barb and Jason are such a fun, comfortable couple for
us to hang out with, and Gavin has been the most amazing addition to their brood. He
just goes with the flow and entertains us along the way. The five of us manage to have
a lot of fun together, and Seattle was no exception. I had a chance to take a few photos
of them while we were all there. Just casual, fun ones of them being them. It's nice to
document people who are so alive and happy in their own skin and who naturally enjoy
the moment.

Gavin will be one at the end of the month. We're really looking forward to helping him


TruJen Phtography said...

Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous family! Very warm feeling I got when I saw these. Gavin is adorable! I love the smile laugh he's giving mom in the first picture. I also love the first pic of them on the street. Oh, I think I want one of those sling things for kate!

Great shots! (Um, think you'll be shooting us in August???) More later! :o)

House of Foodies said...

Sam you are too kind! We love having you guys as friends, and love that we're all still able to fit together - even though we are at different stages in our lives. Gavin thinks the world of both of you - he's so lucky to have 'family' here in AZ! Love ya!