Monday, July 19, 2010

{Garcia Family}

If we ever decide to have kids, I'm soliciting parenting advice from our friend Adriana.
She and her husband, Alvaro, have four kids that are gorgeous inside and out. They've
clearly done a lot of things correctly. Their kids are a pleasure to be around -- engaging,
funny, smart, sweet, thoughtful, respectful, grounded, strong, independent, and generally entertaining. I was actually with them to take photos at an event they were hosting, but
I managed to do a mini photo family shoot for them, too.

Gracias, Garcias! It was my pleasure.


Adriana said...

Sam were happy to have you as a friend, and you know our kids love you!! Thank you for these beautiful pictures....your the greatest.

Atzi said...

The happiness in a family is not just about love its too about balance. Nice work again.

elizabeth said...

good looking family!

great pics Sam!