Thursday, July 29, 2010

{They've Multiplied}

The number of dogs in our house doubled yesterday! It's just temporary.
Bocce and Blue are our house guests for the week. Of course, I'm loving it.
It's like heaven to me to have so many great dogs in one place all to myself. :)

p.s. Our house is definitely not big enough to house four large dogs full time. It's totally
fine on the short term, but now I see we may have the perfect number of four legged
friends for the time being. Our bedroom floor filled up fast last night! :)


Adriana Garcia said...

Oh how sweet for you to watch over them....seems Norah is a little sad.

Kristi said...

adorable photos of them all!!

Miss M! said...

I bet meal times are fun! Look at all those cute little faces. :)

Holly Diane said...

Love the labs! We have two and other family members have two so it's a lab fest when we all get together!

I'm your newest follower, found you over on the Photo Hunt Challenges blog.

Happy Sunday!

Alejandra said...

Sam, I love love these pictures!! they look so cute all together! It is so funny that your kids are having a sleep over party haha!!

Lis said...

WHOA! Its like they each have a CLONE! I kept looking at that last one for photoshopping!!! Have fun!!!!!

carlene federer said...

LOL, looks like you've got yourself a dog farm Sam!