Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{Wordless Wednesday: Bits and Pieces}

Photo leftovers today. :) Just a few random, unconnected shots that I took but didn't
post or have anything particular to say about. Hope you enjoy!

Chandler and Queen Creek, Arizona


Trujen said...

Alfred Hitchcock. First thing that came to mind at first sight of the first picture. I love it! Spooky! I can totally see you doing something with that picture for Halloween. Make a silhouette or a window sticky thing. Something. It's got scary all over it! But in a cool way!

As always, your pictures are fantastic! I love how you can turn everyday things into art!

Lis said...

Those are ALL amaaaazing! Dont know why, but they remind me of FALL which is getting EVER CLOSER!!!! I love the scales too!!