Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{Project: An Organization Idea for the Ladies}

My brain is happy when things are in their place. This was not the situation with my jewelry.

I've never been a fan of having my jewelry out. I like it tucked away so the rest of my
surfaces are cleared of clutter. The problem with my plan was that the area where I had
everything tucked was not working. Yes, that is a Tupperware container with a paper
towel in it. Classy.

It was time to change up the mess I was calling a jewelry box. I had a few nice boxes, but
they didn't have enough compartments to keep things from getting tangled together, and
they didn't fit into the space I had set aside for them. After considering about ten different
options, I went from this ...

... to these plastic storage craft containers. (You can find them at JoAnn's & Michael's.) I
bought two sizes and put a layer of padded liner in each nook. Now, every piece of jewelry
I own is separated, protected, organised, in place, and orderly. Each category of jewelry (bracelets, big necklaces, earrings) has it's own box. It feels so much better to me! I also
love that the lids snap closed, keeping the insides dog hair and dust free.

On the down side: It is a lot of plastic, and it's not very feminine or pretty.
I've managed to justify all of that because of how clean and organized it feels
and how well it works. Now, I just need to break out my silver cleaner and
get everything polished and shiny. :)

TIP: If you do this at your house, buy an extra plastic storage contain or two. That way,
as you add jewelry to your collection, you'll have plenty of matching storage to grow into.

Another TIP: A reader commented with a great suggestion ... Even if you don't use this
idea at home, one of these containers might make a great jewelry holder for your travels.


Ale said...

Hey Sam,

Great idea! I use those containers for my beads. I didn't think about using them to organize jewelry. I showed you the organizers that hang from the closet or from the back of a door right? I like those because they are clear and I can see what I have available. Which is the main problem, if I don't see what I have I end up wearing the same over and over again! thanks for sharing your ideas! :)

Diane Baldo said...

good idea.
do you think it gets less tarnished in there?

Adriana Garcia said...

I love your idea, and the thought that I could just pack one container in my suitcase when I travel is even better.

Unknown said...

Perfect idea! Love it! I will be copying you!

Samara Link said...

You know Diane, I'm not sure. A lot of mine was tarnished when I put it in there, and I haven't yet gone through to clean it all. Once I do, I'll try to remember to tell you how it does in there.

I bought a little costume jewelry bracelet the other weekend, and the lady who sold it to me told me that costume jewelry won't tarnish if you keep each piece in their own
little plastic zip up bag. That's good to know!