Friday, July 09, 2010

{Half Marathon, Seattle 2010}

How lucky am I? David does all the hard work to train for a race, signs up for an out of
town event in a fabulous city, and runs it. I get to tag along, site see, observe, take photos,
and cheer him on. This, in my book, is a very good deal. :)

David, Jason, Barb, and Betsy (Barb's sister) ran the half marathon in Seattle the last
weekend in June. It is practically old hap for D, Jason and Barb; they're crazy runners
like that. They all finished the 13.1 mile race in under two hours, a time they were happy
with, for sure! (David ran his in 1 hour, 55 minutes and 14 seconds.) It was the first one
for Betsy, and we were all so pumped for her to finish.

Race day, as usual, was a lot of fun for all of us. There's palpable energy everywhere, and
the hosting city is totally alive -- filled with the smell of excitement, hard work and victory.

Here's a look at race morning in photos ...

Congratulations to all the runners but especially to the ones in our group.
I was so proud to be able to cheer them on for such an awesome accomplishment.

More photos of our time in and around Seattle coming soon. I'm still getting them all
edited. Without almost 600 snapped, it's been quite an undertaking. :)

We're all planning to go back to Seattle for another race weekend in June 2011!

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Kristi said...

Way to go, David! That freakin rocks. Great job with the photos, Samara!!