Saturday, December 31, 2011

{Resolutions: Last Check-in of 2011 & Reflection on the Year's NYR}

Do you remember when "two thousand eleven" sounded so far off in the distance or
when "twenty-eleven" fit better as the name of a futuristic movie title than the current
year? Time is a tricky little fox.

I am here today to make my last check-in and a final reflection on my 2011 New Year's
Resolution. In January, I set out to:
  1. Make one goal each month that give me a sense of balance and make me feel like me.
  2. Learn how to do some things around the house that David normally does.
  3. Volunteer or donate blood, on average, once a month.
  4. Do something new, different and adventure worthy each month.
It turned out to be a pretty decent NYR! Looking back I'm able to see how it went, what it
did and -- in some cases -- didn't do for me. I definitely loved that it evolved monthly to fit
where I was in the moment, and the check-ins via blogger helped keep me accountable.
More specifically ...

- #3 and #4 were the most successful and added so much to my experience and perspective
in 2011. I chose them (volunteering and taking adventures) because I want those to be
habits. Creating a conscious decision to do it monthly helped get me in a rhythm I'm
ready to continue as lifestyle choices, hopefully long after I turn the last page of my 2011 calendar. It became strange documenting volunteer work though. I stuck with it
since I set out to blog about my NYR's for accountability sake. The point is to do it,
give back, get involved in the community, and help others though -- not to make a list
of "good deeds." The adventures were fun to document though.

- #1 was okay. It got me to do some things I might have otherwise had on my "to do list"
forever. Overall, I noticed I didn't want to blog about the things I was really working on,
as they were often a little too personal to share on the world wide web. :) So, this list
became a little artificial. My best goals (and outcomes) were March, April, June, and July.

- #2 was fun. It made me realize two things. One, I can take care of business. Whatever it
is that needs doing, I can do. Whether I ask someone to show me, look it up on Google or
learn by trial and error -- I can do it. I think I needed to teach myself that this year! I also
realized I need to get hands on when learning to do something out of my comfort zone
(i.e., any thing mechanical like plumbing or pool related). Otherwise, I'll forget how to do
it. That stuff wants to zip in and out of my brain. :)

With that, here's my very last check-in on my 2011 NYR ...

1) Make one new goal each month that give me a sense of balance and
make me feel like me.

January: Blog stuff -- done
February: Technology -- done
March: Photos into albums & scrapbook -- done
April: Canning -- done
May: Was kind of a bust -- oops!
June: Practice doing a 5K (mostly walking) -- done
July: Find a fun, part-time job -- done
August: Do a simple sewing machine project -- oops!
September: Run in a 5k -- done
October: Put myself out there to find more work in my field -- done
November: Establish an LLC, a business account and basic work documents -- progress made.
December: Re-org my cloth napkin/table runners drawer & finish crafting Xmas houses
  • When will I stop procrastinating? Hey, last minute or not -- done is done. On the 29th, I did a little re-org in the area that holds my cloth napkins, table runners and placemats. Nothing fancy. I mostly just rearranged it. Now, it's not crammed and you can get to everything and see it all. I love an orderly space!
  • Five Christmas houses -- almost finished -- 96%. Again, I procrastinated and did this on the 31st, but they are soooo adorable. :) I ran out of the"snow" I use around their base. I'll pick up more of that tomorrow and apply the finishing touches. I plan to gift all of them in 2012. (Update: Done!)
2) Learn how to do the following things around the house in 2011:

- Clean up my PCs (May 29th)
- Clean up my MAC (worked on it in November, 50% done)
- Unclog the kitchen drain/garbage disposal (replaced disposal, no longer clogs)
- Turn off the water to the house (January 31st)
- Work the sprinklers and the drip system (March 13th)
- Add to the drip system (didn't get to it)
- Clean the pool filters (February 6th) Change pool the filters (February 13th)
- Weekly/monthly pool care (July & August 2011)
- Drain and fill the pool (February 19th)
- Fertilize the lawn before summer (March 13th)
- Properly level and hang hardware fixture with a molly (November 29th)
- Change a door hardware and handle (didn't get to it/will look it up when the time comes!)
- Relight the pilot light in the water heater (March 19th)

3) Volunteer or donate blood, on average, once a month (12 times this year).

1. Made food boxes w/ friends at St. Mary's Food Bank (January 8th)
2. Donated platelets and red blood cells (January 14th)
3. Sorted food baskets for the Bountiful Baskets produce co-op (February 10th)
4. Helped caseworkers collect items from Bridging AZ’s Hope Chest (March 4th)
5. Donated platelets (They weren't setup to do RBCs this time. Boo!) (March 14th)
6. Helped caseworkers collect items from Bridging AZ’s Hope Chest (March 18th)
7. Helped caseworkers collect items from Bridging AZ’s Hope Chest (May 6th)
8. Barb came over, and together we made 112 Cards for Soldiers (May 12th)
9. Photographed the graduating 8th grade class at Children First Academy (May 17th)
10. Donated a double round of platelets (May 24th)
11. Spent a morning working at ICM Food and Clothing Bank (June 4th)
12. Donated a double round of platelets at the blood bank (June 23rd)
13. Donated a double round of platelets at the blood bank (July 21st)
14. Donated a double round of platelets at the blood bank (September 1st)
15. Donated a double round of platelets at the blood bank (November 18th)
16. Assisted Aid Station #5 at the IronMan Triathalon (November 20th)
  • I was off to such a bangin' start at the beginning of the year. I can't help but think I should've done more, but I know better than to "should on myself." So, I won't. :)
4) Go on at least one quality date a month -- whether it be by myself, with D
or with a friend -- as long as it's something new, different and adventure

January: Double feature at the drive-in theater with a car picnic. It was a really fun night!
February: Putt-putt golf. Air hockey and video games. Dinner at Chompies. Awesome.
March: Tempe Art Festival for shopping, people watching and street food.
April: Weekend stay-cation at a resort in Scottsdale. Luxurious, romantic relaxation!
May: Kayaking at Canyon Lake
July: A week long healing, communication, education retreat
August: Dinner and to Chandler Center for the Arts to see a free summer concert
September: Trip to Geneva, IL and a Warrior Dash 5k
October: Road trip to Apple Annie's in Wilcox
November: Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day, first time to run a race step-by-step with D
December: Christmas Caroling with friends -- a perfect adventure in which to end the year!

Now that I've (mostly) completed my 2011 resolutions, it's time to decide what I want to
turn my attention to in 2012. What are you thinking about working on and committing to?

Good luck with your hangovers tomorrow, everyone. :)

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TruJen Phtography said...

I think it's great that you were able to look back on your year and see all the hard work and progress you made. You've had a kick-ass year, lady! And I do know a lot of other things you've done that aren't listed (jobs!). Well, you kind of touch on it in November goals.

I don't think I'll be as organized as you in sharing but I'm inspired to have a similar list of monthly goals. Maybe not monthly, maybe trimester??? But I think it's time to get moving and I want to thank you for the inspiration.

Some of my goals:
Get some photo jobs
Teach Jack how to read before kindergarten AND how to tie his shoes!
Get Kate to walk AND to stop screaming at me! :o)

These are just a few off the top of my head!