Monday, December 07, 2009

{Holiday Houses}

Kim and I thought it'd be fun to make Christmas houses, 100% inspired from the Halloween houses I made in October. We were right. It was fun. :) Christmas crafting with a friend is a fabulous way to spend a Sunday.

And ... the paper mache houses were on sale at Hobby Lobby for only $2 each (regularly
$4). These are totally affordable to make. Just add adhesive, paper, paint, and a couple
dollars worth of embellishments.

We each made two -- one to keep and one to share. This is the one I made for our house.
It's sitting on my living room shelves, and I love it. Santa is going to help me deliver the
other one to someone special.

How's your holiday shopping going this year? Are you making or buying? Totally stressed
about finishing or done? Buying for kids and calling it good or going all out? Skipping gifts
all together with a plan to just enjoy being together?


TruJen Phtography said...

Love the picture of you and Kim! You're smile is so great! A much needed picture to be seen!

The houses look great! Very festive indeed! I totally need to do some crafting time with a friend!

:o) Fun stuff!!!

Lis said...

YOu wanna share that with me DONT YOU!??? hehe. jk! I am SOOOOOOOOOO going to HL and getting one! (once I get home) SO cute. Seriously! I LOVE IT!