Friday, December 11, 2009

{Vice President Biden Comes to Phoenix}

And I was there. Which, I've got to say, was a pretty special experience.

This story turned out okay. I was excited to cover it, but I would have liked
to tweak my output more. It was originally about 30 seconds longer and
included some pretty cool info towards the end, but that got cut to fit slot.

The info I didn't include (in a very short recap):
There was a guy on the panel who got a large chunk of stimulus money that he then had
to match on his own. He is using it to develop an electric car and charging stations. The
stations will launch first. The idea being, people aren't going buy the car if there isn't a
practical way to use them. Of course, people can charge the cars at home, but if you're
on the road, you'll need to recharge. So, they'll start with five stations in five cities --
Tucson, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, and somewhere in Tennessee, I think. (I don't have
my notes with me right now.) The expanded plan is to also have charging available
where people gather and remain for periods of time ... like at sporting events, shopping
centers, etc. If I remember correctly, they're looking to launch the stations as soon as
the summer of 2010. Anyway, interesting stuff.

Last day of school today!! The last day of my last semester!! French final tonight. Company arriving tomorrow. Still have TON to do, and I shouldn't do any of it so I have time to study.
But that's not gonna happen. :)

Hope you're all having a happy Friday!


Olivia said...

Congratulations on your umcomping graduation! I know how excited you must be!

Lis said...

Dude! that sounds pretty amazing! Lucky you! Ill bet youll get to do TONS of fun things like that being a reporter! You are one lucky girl!!!

Miss M! said...

Didn't they have that already? I remember when Arizona Mills first opened there were SRP sponsored charging stations by some of the entrances. I'm not sure exactly when they took them out.