Thursday, October 29, 2009

{House of Wax}

Bre had a few people over for a crafty get together the other day. I am so glad I went! I really enjoyed seeing her and meeting Mandy. Bre's house was decorated in the most adorable ways for Halloween, and she had a great little spread of snacks for us to enjoy. Warm cider and all. Mmmmm.

Tricia came over to teach the three of us how to make her Halloween House of Wax. After
we covered it in paper and added some decorative elements ...

... she showed us how to melt little pellets of bees wax over it. Not only does the wax seal
everything, but it gives the paper kind of an aged look and darker tone.

Wax dripping from the corners. Eerie, huh?

After I got home, I toned down the orange on the 'lil pumpkin with some paint and glittered
it up, along with the roof.

I really enjoyed making this, and I've been happily admiring it ever since. Thanks to
Bre and Tricia!


Kimberly Mahr said...

What a fun gathering and an adorable project! I am completely smitten with beeswax!

Bre said...

I'm so glad you could make it! We will have to do that again. Love that you glittered your roof already, I definitely need to hop on that! Oh and the glitter on the pumpkin is adorable!

Steph said...

What a cute project!! I love the paper/cardboard you used.

Lis said...

no way! thats so CUUUUUUUUUUUTE! I love it!!!!

SplendidlyImperfect said...

That is so cute! You are so lucky to have friends with whom you can get together and craft. :)

TruJen Phtography said...

So FUN!!! And looks fairly easy!
You've got the greatest Halloween decor!
I wish I could come over and see it all together!
Happy Halloween!!!!
Spook ya later!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Super cute!