Wednesday, October 28, 2009

{Quick Link Connection}

Tracy, our SIL, was town last weekend. She and her mom came here to have a girls
getaway and to see her mom's parents. She drove over to Chandler on Saturday
afternoon so we could visit with her and grab some lunch. It had been a long time.
It was really nice to see her.

Our visit reminded me of how long it's been since I went to Chicago and Michigan to see
D's family. I went so much in 2006 that I kind of boycotted it for awhile, thinking that we
needed to travel to places other then the midwest and on our own together. Then, there
was plenty else going on for awhile. So, my "going back home" trips just turned into going
to Ohio to see my brother and his family. Seeing Tracy reminded me how nice it was to
make a Link connection though. That's something I need to do post-graduation, for sure.

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Lis said...

How FUN! Im trying to talk my sister in to coming out with my mom for some girl time! Glad you got some! you guys are so cute!