Monday, October 03, 2011

{I am a Warrior}

I'm back!

This has been my longest break from blogging since I began Link Adventures in 2005. Thank you for all your thoughts about missing my online updates. It's been very appreciated and nice to hear. Every note, comment or phone call felt like a hug, and I used them all to help refill my emotional bank account.

I took some time off from blogging to deal with life. It snuck up on me and kicked me in the ass a few times, but I chose to look at it as a wakeup call and deal with it. I feel like I finally got out in front of it this time around. The last two months, I've spent reprioritizing and creating balance where it previously lacked. Today, I feel stronger then ever. I'm doing a lot of things I'm really excited about. I feel grateful, inspired, happy, energetic, motivated, and satisfied.

With that, let's get back to blogging, shall we?

I couldn't think of a more appropriate post to return with than one about the Warrior Dash we ran in last month. Have you heard of this race? It's -- hold on, I don't want to over state this too much -- the coolest thing EVER.

The Warrior Dash is a 5k loaded up with obstacles like cold water, mud, fire, climbing, sliding, leaping, jumping, and dodging. It's AWESOME. People dress up in crazy costumes. Afterwards, there's live music, beer, food, and general camaraderie.

David and I flew to the midwest so we could do the race with Aaron (my brother) and Pam (his wife). We all really needed this. Pam and Aaron spent the year kicking cancer out of her body. David and I had a crazy, life-changing summer. And Edgar -- the one who got us turned onto the idea of doing the race -- gave a stern talking to his fear of heights.

We all left a few demons on the course and connected with our inner warriors that day!

Best event ever. So, so fun. Totally worth all the dirt in inappropriate places.

Special thanks goes out to:
* Edgar for giving us the idea
* Aaron for pushing us to sign up
* The guys at mile two who literally threw drinking water into our faces
* The fire department for volunteering to hose us off afterwards
* David for going with
* Pam for being my running partner
* The nice group of people in the parking lot (field) who were standing next to us but
didn't stare when we stripped down to our birthday suits afterwards and got clean.

Be warned, I am taking my new warrior status very seriously going forward. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are back! Looks like the Warrior Dash was great fun. Denise

Ale said...

I think I posted before with my work account! sorry! anyway, it is me, Ale! hugs!

House of Foodies said...

San you are, and always will be a warrior. So glad you're back to blogging :) The dash looks so fun!! Can't wait to try it myself sometime.

SplendidlyImperfect said...

Yay! You're back! Um... you left out the part about stripping in the parking lot when you told us this story! LMAO! You are AWESOME, lady!

Wendy said...

Welcome Back! I missed your blog updates. The Warrior Dash looks like some serious business...and very fun!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

The Warrior Dash looks crazy cool! How cool you all got to do that together. I hope your SIL is doing better, she looks great.
On a side note, I was so happy to see your post today!! I've missed your posts, I always look forward to reading your blog. It sounds like the break was a good one and you're back in great shape...mind body and soul

TruJen Phtography said...

So awesome to have you back! It's been a crazy summer for so many people I know (us included) but it seems as though we're all starting to come back together. :o)

Love this post. So good to see you! And Pam looks GREAT!!! Yea for her for kicking cancer's ass!

I'm thinking that Scott and I will talk about this run and possibly join next year. It looks like so much fun!!! And maybe if you four (five) do it again, we could all meet up.

Love you! Welcome back!!!

Adri said...

Welcome back Sam,we truly missed you!!

Seems like you had an amazing time at the Warrior Dash.

Hope Strickland said...

Yay, you're back! :0) I'm so glad all is well and things are looking up!!