Wednesday, December 01, 2010

{Resolution Time: December 2010 Edition}

It's the first day of a new month. That means it's time to:
1) Evaluate how I did with my November goals
2) Make three new plans for December

November Resolution Review:
1. Exercise and eat lean. (I sound like a broken record, but until it's a habit ...) The specific
goal is to exercise three to five times a week and to significantly lower my carb intake.
Well ... I'm not yet there, that's for sure! I did okay with the walking, actually, but I suck at
going low carb. I'd do well for a day or three and then slide. It's a simple matter of self care,
and that's something I need to become
more regular with. I would say, on average, I did
walk three days a week, even with being sick for a week.
I did really well on some days
with portion control and low carbs, but not so
much on other days. The last week was
super carby, actually.
The quest for balance

2. Knock some things off the list of fall activities I hope to accomplish. See here.
The short answer? I didn't make it all happen, and dangit, I wanted to. It was an ambitious
list for one month that was largely c
onsumed with other priorities.
flew by.
Here are the things on the list I got to ...
* Took down the Halloween decorations and decorated for fall.
* Decided a family picture wasn't in the cards this year and bought regular cards instead. :(
* Made a fire in the backyard and enjoyed it with D and the dogs. (It was awesome.)
* Settled on a Thanksgiving Day menu (and had a wonderful meal).
* Baked oatmeal raisin cookies for David. Didn't get to making anything
to share with
friends and neighbors but it was fun to bake a bit.
* Cooked one dish for the freezer. Not the big day of cooking I had in mind but one is
better then none.
There were many things left on the list, but I have visions of doing a
repeat --
and hopefully
more successful -- attempt of this list next year.

3. Finish at least two of the projects I have underway.
This one went well! I was pleased.
* I finished a lot of editing -- three large training videos
and two
sets of family photos
(Milligans and Fehlings).
That was hours
and hours in
front of the computer, and it felt
great to get it all done and into client hands. (I'm delivering Fehlings tomorrow.)
* Knocked out five no-sew tie blankets.
I bought the material and made one of the
in early October. This was my first time making these, and they were fun to do. It felt
awesome to finally finish this project and get it off my to do list
. Each one was
double sided
and about the size of a twin bed. I hope they
make six very special kiddos happy.
* Finished some "FALL" letters (similar to these) that I started in September. They've
half finished for awhile. :) But now they're done and ready for gifting. Fa-la-la-la-la ...

For our combined resolution to go on at least one date a month, David and I ...
* Had a fire in the backyard with the dogs. We reminisced a little. It was nice to sit and talk.
* Went on a hot air balloon ride! It was my gift to David for our seventh anniversary.
* Dinner at a new-to-us place, Blue Adobe Grille, Monday. The food was good.

December Resolutions:
Do my first December daily! That's going to mean creating a lot of holiday magic and
documenting all of it. I don't plan to finish it 100% by month end, but I expect to
have an
idea, some journaling and a photo(s) for each day.

2. Organize the garage.

3. Clean things that never get cleaned -- reuseable bags, light switches, doors, makeup
brushes, phones, computers, shoes, hair drier vents etc. And my car - ha!

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