Thursday, December 02, 2010

{Fehling Family Photo Session ~ In the City}

I love taking photos.

I love taking photos for people who get into it and appreciate it even more.

Documenting families and helping them capture a moment in their life together is special
to me. I'm no professional, but I learn more every time, and I'm really having fun with it.

The Fehlings were my most recent subjects. Many of you know Sara from her blog, The
Splendidly Imperfect Miss M. If you don't, check her out. She posts tons of great recipes,
craft ideas and bits of inspiration.

We took their photos in two locations. These are from the second half of their shoot.
Sawyer, their little one, was pretty much over it by the time we arrived in town, but he
was up for hanging out and exploring. So, we followed him -- in his adorable Chuck Taylors
and fabulous hat -- and got what we could get. I'm glad we stuck with it because we
collected some fun photos for them. The prints I had done turned out great, and I was
proud to deliver them earlier today. Check it out ...

Thanks again to the Fehlings! I hope you enjoy your photos. :)

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Felicia said...

Very cute pictures...I love seeing Chandler in the background. I want you to take my family pictures. =)