Friday, October 08, 2010

{Fall To Do List}

Today I give cheers to unsuspecting sources of inspiration. Sometimes I need it, and it's just
handed over freely, without pomp and circumstance. It would be terribly irresponsible to
ignore such gifts from the Universe, even if it is from the much smaller and sometimes less
tapped Blogger Universe. Yes, it is blogger inspiration that I am referring to, and it can be
very good.

Liz posted ten ways she likes to enjoy summer awhile back. I decided to write my own list
for fall. It's my favorite time of the year; although, we Phoenicians get grossly gipped on
the fall effect. I made a list of twelve things that make me happy on the inside during the
fall season, and then I made it my aim to do every last one of them this fall.

Here goes:

1. Decorate for Halloween (September 19th)
2. Decorate for fall (November 4th)
3. Bake and share some with neighbors and friends (November 25th)
4. Spend the entire day getting lost in a good book while wearing comfies and sipping tea
5. Go to the cider mill, probably in Wilcox, AZ
6. Carve pumpkins
7. Have a totally festive Halloween day (October 31st)
8. Plan a fabulous, healthy Thanksgiving Day menu (October 21st)
9. Make a fire in the backyard and enjoy with D and the dogs (October 21st)
10. Make freezer food (one dish - October 23rd)
11. Take a Christmas card photo
14. Make a new fall decoration for the house
15. Go for a hike in the cool fall morning air
16. Do at least one outdoor, local, cultural thing that it's too hot for other times of the year

What do you love to do in the fall? What do you love (or not love) about this time of year?


Diane Baldo said...

Sleep with the windows open!! YAY!

Adri said...

1. I love to open all windows and sliding door at 4am to let the cool air in the house.
2. Like the idea of wearing a warm sweater or warm jammies.
3. Drinking an early coffee in my back patio, in my robe.
4. The idea of wearing socks after a long summer, really gets me excited.

SplendidlyImperfect said...

The weather change - definitely the weather. Halloween is a close second, followed closely by the Bub's birthday!

I've never been to Willcox. My brother lives there though, I think. Isn't that a far drive for apples?

Aimee said...

My favorite time of the year! The leaves...definitely the different colors of the leaves, so bright and wonderful. And of course, the nice comfortable weather...not too hot, not too cold :)

Looking forward to seeing your decorations.

House of Foodies said...

Let me know when you plan your festive Halloween Day, if you're inviting I might want to participate :)

elizabeth said...

looks like a full list! i have a few things on there that i need to do too - carve pumpkins and take a Christmas card photo.

House of Foodies said...

Is this a good weekend for holiday pictures? Letu me know, maybe Sunday afternoon would be good. I also have a FANTASTIC-extremely healthy dessert recipe to share with you for Thanksgiving. We made it the other night and thought it was way better than Apple or Pumpkin Pie and needed to be on our Thanksgiving & Christmas menus in the future! Look forward to seeing you soon.