Wednesday, November 03, 2010

{Resolution Time: November 2010 Edition}

It's the first third day of a new month. ('Lil behind.) That means it's time to:
1) Evaluate how I did with my October goals
2) Make three new plans for November

October Resolution Review:
1. Health sweep. Do the medical stuff -- nothing serious but important maintenance that needs attention. Follow through with what I started last month and finish my health to do list.
* Got my physical and blood work done (an annual requirement for our health insurance).
My stupid triglycerides are still calling out to be lowered. I need to take care of myself
and go back in six weeks to get them retested.
* Added Vitamin D and a multi vitamin to my routine per my doc's suggestion.
* Got my teeth cleaned, (no cavities!).
* Went to an audiologist. My hearing isn't perfect, but it's within normal limits. Good news.
* Never got around to looking at reading glasses. (I had my eyes checked in September.)
That's still on my to do list.

2. Begin a special gift album: print photos, determine layout plan and begin making.
* Ugh. Progress wasn't made. I went to order prints early in the month only to learn that
I didn't scan them in at a high enough resolution. Apparently, if I print them as is, they'll
all come out blurry. Great ... 97,000 hours of scanning photos down the drain. I may take
them somewhere to get scanned so I can get moving on this. I was going to try to have it
done for Christmas, but it's not going to happen. I still want to make it though. Not a
good accomplishment for the month, at all. I'm feeling discouraged with it. I think
spending some time on this over the weekend will be in order.

3. Look at time management, priorities and genuine satisfaction over instant gratification.
* This goal is overarching and not quantifiable. I usually prefer to set input goals with
specific and attainable outcomes. I'm not sure it was a great monthly goal in that sense, but
I have been assessing my needs to manage my time, focus on things that will bring me true
happiness (instead of temporary joy) and stop seeking instant gratification.
* I decided to get back to basics. For one, I'm officially back into writing a list of things to
do for the day and checking it off as I accomplish it. I also made a sheet to help me note
how I was spending my time throughout the day, in half hour increments. I noticed some
things, for instance, that I was checking my email more often than I need to. It's an activity
that adds no real meaning or sense of accomplishment to my personal awareness. Then, I
began to modify my behavior accordingly.
* I was using food for instant gratification in September. This month, I worked to change
that habit by reaching for water instead of a snack (which was usually carb loaded or sugar filled), and I find I'm feeling a lot better. Over the last weekend of the month, when I was
out of town and Halloween candy was plentiful, I didn't do as well with that. I'm getting
back on track though. The work in progress that I am continues! This is something I can
always be working to improve and keep in healthy balance.

For our combined resolution to go on at least one date a month, David and I ...
* Went to dinner with the Hendricks at The Deli in Queen Creek and ate at Poppy's Place.
* Multiple mini date Sunday: breakfast out, a fabulous nap, to the movies to see The Town
(so good), and to a quick dinner afterwards at The Phoenicia in Gilbert.
* A weekend in Denver! I love traveling with David. We were alone on Friday night and
enjoyed walking around Larimer Square, dinner at Euclid Hall and watching Salt in our room.
The Hendricks arrived on Saturday, and we spent the rest of the weekend together doing
all kinds of fun things including going to the King Tut exhibit at The Denver Art Museum

November Resolutions:
1. Exercise and eat lean. (I sound like a broken record, but until it's a habit ...) The specific
goal is to exercise three to five times a week and to significantly lower my carb intake.

2. Knock some things off the list of fall activities I hope to accomplish. See here.

3. Finish at least two of the projects I have underway.

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Ale said...


The fact that you work on these resolutions EVERY month is an acomplishment in itself!
Just remember to be good to yourself, you are work in progress and not an ultimate goal of perfection (that wouldn't be fun!)!
Keep you the great job!