Tuesday, November 02, 2010

{Photo Hunt Challenge: October 2010}

I skipped Kristi's last photo hunt challenge. So, it was fun to get back to it this time around.
I was in three states -- Colorado, Illinois and Arizona -- in October. All my entries were
taken during the first through the 31st. Click here to see other participant entries.

In Disguise -- Geneva, Illinois

Crisp -- Geneva, Illinois

Fall Colors -- Denver, Colorado

A Jack O’lantern -- Geneva, Illinois

a Shot from the Ground -- Denver, Colorado

a Landscape -- Mesa, Arizona

a Fall Tradition -- Geneva, Illinois

Books -- Mesa, Arizona

Dining -- Chandler, Arizona

Child/Children -- Gilbert, Arizona

Faces formed in Nature (anything that looks like a face but isn't)

Tilt-Shift Photography -- Denver, Colorado

B & W with selective coloring -- Chandler, Arizona

Bokeh -- Denver, Colorado

Best Photo taken October 23rd -- Mesa, Arizona

Something from the Kitchen -- Gilbert, Arizona

Something Vintage -- Denver, Colorado

Something Creepy -- Chicago, Illinois

Something Golden -- Denver, Colorado

A Self-Portrait -- Denver, Colorado

Thanks for stopping by! There's a mini photo hunt challenge in November -- only ten items.


Ashley Sisk said...

What a great series of photos Samara. I was prepared to name a couple of favorites but I kept scrolling and the list kept growing. You've done an incredible job this month and I look forward to seeing your shots for November!

Darlene said...

OOoooh! I really love your bokeh, kitchen, and vintage shots. Great photos here. Here are mine:

Anonymous said...

So many amazing shots here! There were so many I loved. Like that playhouse shot, adorable!

Tara said...

Great photos! I love your something creepy, B&W, tilt shift, and shot from the ground!

Nukke said...

I like most your self-portrait because you are smiling and the ankle is different !!! I love your B & W selective col. and creepy and face formed in nature !!!!
I also like landscape, from kitchen, tilt-shift and books !

Ang said...

so glad you're back in! loved your shot from the ground, tilt-shift, B&W, and bokeh!

shannon said...

your face picture makes me smile! and i love your bokeh shot. just gorgeous.

SplendidlyImperfect said...

You sure got a lot of traveling in this month! I love your self portrait, and that tilt shift photo is to freaking cool.

Pam Bowers said...

How neat that you got to shoot from 3 states last month. I love all the shots. Really love the b&w with selective color.

Mrs Mar said...

Grate photos.

I would say a few of my favs are dining and landscape.

Sarah said...

Lovely photos! I really enjoyed your tilt shift and child shots!

Alita said...

As always I thoroughly enjoyed your captures. You have a fun unique perspective. Your landscape was exceptional. Your tilt shift was magical, but my very favorite was something golden. The curves, the composition, the POV... EXCELLENT!

House of Foodies said...

Looks like you pulled off the bokeh! As always, they are kick A$$, my favorite is the tilt shift. Look forward to another teaching session where maybe you can show me that one. You are inspiring!!

Kristi said...

Yay!! I didn't even know you were going to play in October!! I love so many fo your shots.... shot from ground, books, tilt-shift, kitchen, etc. Nice work! Sorry it took me so long to see this (I actually haven't gone through any of the entries this month since I am not judging. I have had too much going on!)