Friday, October 01, 2010

{Resolution Time: October 2010 Edition}

It's the first day of a new month and the end of the third quarter. That means it's time to:
1) Evaluate how I did with my September goals
2) Make three new plans for October
3) Check in on how I did with my quarterly resolution

September Resolution Review:
1. Sand the dresser that I stripped in June and consider options for refinishing it.
* Sanding is done! Check it out here. I wavered on how to refinish it and ultimately decided
on blonde stain with minor red undertones (not yellow). Rochelle from Home Depot and I
picked two colors to mix together on the 26th. I began staining on the 29th and finished it
today. The color is more red and dark than I thought it would be, but it'll work! Next up:
polyurethane, drawer liners, and hardware. I hope to finish in October.

2. Establish a new habit -- brushing the dogs teeth a few times a week.
* Doin' it -- not weekly like I should -- but one to several times a week. It's an entertaining process. The dogs just want to lick their meat flavored toothpaste (gag). I found the finger
toothbrush (which slips over my finger like a mini condom) works better then a regular
toothbrush. It gives me more control. Our vet said it's not so much about the brushing
action, like it is for us, but rather, it's about getting the enzyme in the toothpaste on their
teeth. I want to continue making this part of our routine. They deserve it.

3. Watch an old movie ... or two!
* I watched Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn. Anne, Jen's mom, recommended it to me after I
said I watched his White Christmas and loved it. It was so good! It was exactly what I was
hoping for. Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire & Marjorie Reynolds; they were magical! Music,
dancing, singing, a good story, and those old timey costumes and sets. I could listen to
Bing Crosby sing White Christmas every day for the rest of my life!
* And then I watched Swing Time with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. To think they
made that movie in 1936 is pretty impressive.

For our combined resolution to go on at least one date a month, David and I ...
* Sunday breakfast at The Farmhouse Restaurant in Gilbert, a new-to-us place. (We were
both in a bad mood. It was a rotten date, but some days are just like that.)
* Went to see The American.
* Had an hour long talk about some stuff we needed to discuss. Listened and communicated
well. Followed it up with going to get ice cream. Left me feeling better, calmer and more
connected to David and our relationship. I think that counts as a date.
* Home Depot to look for new bedroom blinds. Like Patti said, we had a blind date. :)
Then to a casual dinner at Blu Burger Grille. They make a solid veggie burger, and I saw
David smile at his turkey burger before he bit into it. So, I think he enjoyed it. He shared
some details about what's been happening at work. It was nice to hear what he's been
thinking about and working on there. Good chat!
* Paint your own pottery! We ordered a piece awhile back and finally set a date to go
paint it. It was really fun.
* Quickie weeknight dinner, again at Blu Burger. We hadn't been there in eight months,
and suddenly we went twice this month. I guess it fit the bill.

For the third quarter of my 2010 goal to volunteer at least once a quarter, I ...
* Sorted building supplies with Habitat for Humanity for about four hours and then went
to a fundraiser for a family with a son who has cancer (July 17th).
* Donated red blood cells and platelets (August 25th).
* Made food packs at Stop Hunger Now for two hours (September 30th). By the way, if you're
in the east valley and looking for a way to give with your time and energy, this is a great
option. Their warehouse is located at Frye and the 101. Call Bill Bailey (480.768.7077) and
let him know you want to help. If you want, I might even go with you!

October Resolutions:
1. Health sweep. I have some medical stuff -- nothing serious but important maintenance --
that needs attention. I kicked it off last month, but now, I need to follow through and finish
my health to do list. (Physical and related blood work, audiologist, teeth cleaning, look at
reading glasses, and one or two other things.)
2. Begin a special gift album: print photos, determine layout plan and begin making.
3. Focus on time management, real priorities and overall satisfaction instead of instant


Ale said...


You always inspire me! Great goals and great achievements from last month!
About the dogs'teeth brushing situation: We got Luci a toothbrush toy at PetSmart. It is like a little futball ball with bristles on it. We put treats (to clean teeth) on the middle and cover it with the toothpaste, when she is chewing the thing, she brushes too and enjoys a treat at the same time!

Kristi said...

I love how you make such an effort tot post these every month. Great job!