Wednesday, September 08, 2010

{Project: Dresser Redo, The Sanding Portion}

This whole month is about following through, finishing projects and taking care of business.
It's my new M.O. :)

Today, I sanded the dresser I'm refinishing. You might remember that I stripped it in June.
Well, that project came to a dead halt during July and August. It got way too hot to work on
it under the scorching sun of summer. But the humidity and ridiculously high temps seem
to have blown away! (Today's high is forecasted at 99, and tomorrow should only reach 96
degrees.) It's no surprise my drive to work on it returned with the "cooler" temperatures.

The last time I refinished a piece of furniture, I sanded that sucker by hand. I got smart
this time and used an electric sander. I bought it for David at Christmas a few years back.
It sure came in handy today -- worked like a charm and saved me time and sore muscles.

Now, it's time to dress this dresser. I'm still not sure what look I'm going for. In a perfect
world, the new color(s) will work in my office -- where it will be returned to when it's finished
-- and it'll be versatile enough to go in a guest room or somewhere else down the road. Time
to check out my options and decide. Until then ...


Ale said...

Great job Sam! I am so amazed on how handy you are...using power tools! :)

carlene federer said...

can't wait to see it finished!