Monday, February 09, 2009

{Table Redo: Finished Product}

Thank you for all your comments and calls about Norah. :)
She's alright, but I don't think she feels very good today.
She's whining, pacing and tucking herself into little spaces
around the house, (i.e. under David's hanging shirts in the
closet this morning while I was getting ready). So sad!
Turns out she can reach her wound to lick it, and today
she gave her mom a heart attack by starting to give it a
hefty scratch with her back leg. Oigh. That girls had quite
an impact. She's pretty bruised.


I am finally reporting on the table I refinished. It's done and
back in the house. It only took me a hundred years to do. I
enjoyed taking my time with it -- a little here, a little there.

No post about a refinished table would be complete without
a before and after. Here's the BEFORE:

[So, here is the original post -- with the process of stripping
the old paint off and prepping it, and here's another one --
from when I was staining the legs.]

Now for the AFTER:

The chairs (Pier 1) were my starting point. Once I found them, I
decided to stain the table legs to match the chair legs. And then,
I picked the paint colors based on the material of the chairs and
the color of our counters.

We had breakfast at this table on Sunday morning, and really
enjoyed the new look. These chairs are much more comfortable
than the old ones were. I'm really glad I took the time to do this.
I learned a lot doing it. There are a few things I'd do differently,
primarily I'd do more sanding in between each phase or coat.
I'm already ruminating about what might come next.


Lis said...

BOOYA! Thats freakin AWESOME! I LOVE those chairs too! AWesome Sam! Okay, can i fly you out to do mine now???

Kristi said...

Great job with the table! I think you have a knack for refinishing stuff, I wish I was better at that!

JENNY B said...

SAM! This is sooooooo darn cute-- LOVE it!

Miss M! said...

VERY nice! I like the addition of the lazy Susan on top too - it gives it just enough extra interest.

e said...

Oh wow - you did a great job! That looks so good. I love those chairs too - they are perfect.

Trujen said...

First of all, so good to hear Norah is doing better. HOLY SHIT! I didn't realize what happened.

Table looks AMAZING!!! The yellow is PERFECT! It matches the wood's highlights so good! And the chairs! I love those chairs so much! I'm crying with happiness right now! (Seriously, when I saw the chairs I got a little chill!) Jack won't be able to eat in those when we come visit! :o)
I can totally see us sitting in there sipping on some coffee and chatting. I need to visit soon!

Great job Sam! I really like what you have done!

Robyn said...

It looks awesome!!! Great job :-)

Olivia said...

So AWESOME! Great job! The table looks amazing :)

Sue Thomas said...

Wow!!!! The whole grouping looks stunning, Sam!!!!!!

Bre said...

So So Amazing, I love what you did with your table. The colors are fabulous!!

Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

lookin good. love the throw-back chairs!

Jen said...

Love it! Love it! Love It!