Sunday, February 08, 2009

{Norah, the Doctor Will See You Now}

Our little Norah Bean had a rough Saturday morning that
started with a run and ended with fourteen stitches.

David took her and Killian out on the trail behind our
house. She shot right to chase a rabbit, from which she
stopped and returned as soon as her dad called her. The
trail is raised up a bit from the field she was in. So, when
she was running back to it, she jumped -- like nine feet
too early. There were some thorny bushes she attempted to
leap over, and she just miscalculated the distance. Norah
landed on the edge of the trail where there was concrete
and packed dirt. When she hit it, it was with her 80 pounds
of force after being in a full run. Not good.

It could have been much worse. Her wound cut completely
through her skin but didn't get into an artery, the muscle
or any organs. So she was able to walk home and she's wasn't
bleeding much at all. Thankfully, I was there to help David
and he was there to keep me calm. Our vet was open that day
until 1:30 PM. They had time to get her sewn up, and they
did an amazing job.
Plus, she can't reach her stiches. So, we
don't have to put her in a collar to keep her from licking it.

So several hours and $700 later (yeah, that part sucked), we
got her home and babied her through the afternoon and evening.

Such a groggy girl. They had to put her completely under
to get her cleaned and stitched, and since they closed early
that day, we brought her home several hours before they
normally would have had her leave. The vet suggested we
put her in t-shirt just in case she would bleed.

My poor baby! I mean, that's a wound and a total heart
breaker. She's still moving a little slow this morning, but
she's mostly back to herself. I think she's having a little
trouble finding a comfortable way to lay. I hope the pain
pills they gave us for her keep her comfortable.

Crazy girl. I'm just so glad she's okay!


Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

oh my gosh baby norah...NO! Poor thing. I can't believe how huge that is! It makes my stomach turn a little bit. Poor baby. Give her an extra kiss for me!


Lis said...

How SAD! Poor GIRL! Thats a BIG cut!!! I hope shes feeling better SOON! sad.

Susan said...

oh Sam - that looks afwul! Good thing you guys thought to take her to the Vet asap! Hope this earns her all kinds of cookies & treats all week long!


t dawg said...

this breaks my heart!!! she looks so completely sad, too. oh my. i hate it when things happen to our dogs, don't you? it's like they can't look at you and tell you straight out what they are feeling. you kind of just have to take the vet's word for it. i hope she bounces back really soon and that her would heals right up. this makes me so sad!!

Miss M! said...

Aw, poor thing! That cut is HUGE! I'm so glad the vet was able to get you in and get her taken care of.

She's totally working the pitiful looks for the camera. :)

Kristi said...

Poor, Poor Norah :(
Give her a big hug and kiss from me. And some love to you too! Mamas never want to see their babies hurt.

Olivia said...

Poor Norah! That's a bad owie! I hope she and you are doing better ;) She looks super cute in the t-shirt though!

e said...

poor thing! I feel so sad looking at her. that is a wicked wound - I'm so glad it wasn't worse. It always looks so bad when they have to shave them too.

I hope she feels better soon!

Trisha said...

OH!!!!!! Poor baby!!! Ya know, everyone told me that once I had kids that my dogs would be pushed to the side and well they were DEAD WRONG!! So I know how important they are to our lives and I can only imagine the heartbreak for Norah! Give her a big kiss for me!!

Jen said...

Oh, Sam! Sorry to hear about the Norah accident. It sounds like an accident I might have. Good thing dogs are so resiliant. talk to you soon!

Sandy Mom said...

NORAH!!!!!!!! Oh my God!!!!!! I just went on your blog to see the picture of the table and then Norah.

I am stunned; 14 stitches ---looks like it needed more like 300. I’m off to the dentist will get back with you later. I’m so sorry for Norah; I should be there rocking her or something.

carlene federer said...

Oh, POOR POOR Norah!!! Her little face looks so sad...sorry she got hurt, but glad she's gonna be OK!!!
Kiss her head 5 times for me!
P.S. the table looks fab!

Sue Thomas said...

Oh your poor baby!!!!! I hope she's in less pain now and that it heals perfectly!!

Becky said...

Poor little pup. I've hated it when my puppers got hurt. Dogs are SO resilient - I know she'll be back to her normal self in record time.

Hope she feels better soon!

Bre said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry to hear about Norah, poor thing!! Hope she is healing and doing well!