Thursday, October 01, 2009

{Resolution Time: October}

Sticking to my '09 resolution to make three new resolutions
for every month. The new month means it's time to:
~ review how I did with September goals
~ make new October goals

September Resolution Review:
1. Something creative -- Make at least two Halloween crafts; use my sewing machine.
-- Check! You can see my Halloween crafting here & sewing machine practice here.

2. Turn a story in a day ...
-- I didn't turn a whole package in one day, but I was really close. I'm turning packages
weekly, which is more than I've done before. Last week, I turned two stories in one week --
one of them in 28 hours. The following Monday, I turned a VO-SOT (video and a sound bite
but not a whole package) in one day. I've learned a lot this month, and I feel great about it.
I still need to get better, stronger, smarter, and faster. Speed is the main thing I must
discover! I'm taking too long to write scripts and to edit. I learned a lot in the process
of covering what was really my first real news story last week.

3. Shoot a multi-part standup that's resume tape worthy.
-- The real goal here -- make progress with my standups, and I have. So, I'm logging this
as a success. I thought my school nurse package -- including the standup -- could potentially
go on a resume tape. I also did my first multi part standup on the Best Buddies story. That's
a good start. I have some ideas of what I need to work on next with this.

October Resolutions:
1. Finish things I've started. In particular: Edit photos for Jenny, Barb & Mandi. Tweak and redeliver the video for Western Refining. Pick out the sinks and cabinets for the bath remodel.

2. Cook. My home is w/o homeyness because I've cooked all of two meals in the last month.
(Or one? Oh my.) I will spend some time planning meals, shopping for ingredients and cooking a few things. Realistically, this is so not going to happen daily, but once a week is realistic.

3. Declutter. Go through clothes, shoes & stuff in general and part with some of it. Spend
some time in the garage doing the same (preferably with David). Go through closets, desk drawers, piles, and shelves. Simplify.

All of these goals should have the added benefit of keeping me at home so I can do some
much craved nesting -- and out of the stores so I can avoid spending. I'm really looking
forward to this month!


Olivia said...

Awesome goals! I have a lot of the same. Must be that time of year! In fact, on the list this weekend is to declutter...going through clothes, shoes, kitchen stuff and donating to charity. I think I'm FINALLY learning less is more and quality vs. quanity is the key! Good luck on your October goals :)

Lis said...

I love your resolutions this month. Espesially finshing what you started .... I need to do that!!!!!! AH!

elizabeth said...

Good stuff girl! Your blog motivated me to do my own monthly goals - I love it now. So much easier to keep on track throughout the year.