Wednesday, September 02, 2009

{Resolution Time: September}

Sticking to my '09 resolution to make three new resolutions
for every month. The new month means it's time to:
~ review how I did with August goals
~ make new September goals

August Resolution Review:
1. Have an amazing getaway with my husband! No emails.
No phones. No agenda. No stress. Total focused on simply
enjoying the moment and each other.
-Mission accomplished. We got online for a whole 15 minutes
one day just to check onto our return flight and send two quick
emails. Otherwise, we were unconnected to technology and
completely relaxed with eating and going to the beach being
the only things on our to do list. Most importantly, we enjoyed
each other. Great trip!

2. Go see or do something cool in the Phoenix area that
I've never seen or done.
-Check! Earlier in the month, I went to the ASU Art Museum
which I've never been to before. This was an "easy" way to
accomplish my goal since I felt short on time this month.
There are still a lot of places I want to explore. I hope to
work toward seeing a few of them this fall.

3. Sew something with my sewing machine for the first time.
- I struck out on this one completely. In fact, I spent almost no
time on craftiness at all this month (and I've missed it). I did
embroider for maybe an hour or two, and that was it. Too
occupied otherwise. Moving this goal to next month.

September Resolutions:
1. Something creative -- Make at least two Halloween crafts
and use my sewing machine on a simple project.

2. Turn a story in a day. This is something I have to do for
NewsWatch this month, but I've never done it before, and
I'm looking forward to the challenge. That means I go out
and shoot interviews and b-roll footage, import that video,
log the sound bites I like, write the script, get it approved,
and edit it to completion all in one day. I've done this process
over two or three days in the past. Gotta get faster!

3. Shoot a multi-part standup that's resume tape worthy.


Olivia said...

Craftiness must be in the air! I pulled out my sewing machine (an old Viking that was my mom's first machine that she gave's older than me!) and made some curtains the other night. Creating something from nothing is the most satisfying thing ever! Good luck with your projects :)

Hendricks said...

OK crafty buddy - let's make a craft play date. We can do it over here where I have LOTS of sewing supplies. All you have to do is bring your machine and a project. You can get some more learning in along with sewing. I'm still on maternity leave ALL of Sept - so let's pick a date, otherwise you know Sept. will come and go like Aug. did.

Trujen said...

Goals look good! Very school related, which at this point seems to suit you. ONE SEMESTER LEFT!!!!! YEA!!!

Let me know how the sewing machine task turns out. Mom is threatening to buy me one. I'm kind of scared! I always loved having my mom be the seamstress in the family. It's like her thing. But, I guess she won't live forever and god knows I won't want to pay someone to do the stuff she does. (especially when I know they won't be good enough!) Maybe that's what scares me, I don't think I'll be as good as she is...
Ok, rambling!

Great goals! Thanks for sharing!

Lis said...

Im with ya on the crafts! I need some new things for my house. Its empty. and sewing is SO FUN! Youre going to love it! And good luck with your story! I dont know how its poossible, but I guess people do it... RIGHT? I have NO doubt you can! =)