Sunday, August 30, 2009

{It's Official}

She rocks.
while we were on vacay. Well, she was so amazing and beyond!

Everyday, she took the dogs for a morning walk and swim.
There was evening playtime, too. She bought them toys,
snuggled with them and generally spoiled them. They were
so happy!

Then, she proceeded to spoil us. She picked up, did some
laundry, got some groceries, cooked, baked. We didn't want
her to leave!!

We only had a little time with her -- a day and a half before
and a day after, basically. But we made the most of it. When
D and I got back, I spent that Tuesday with her. We walked,
swam, and then went to see Julie & Julia. Good times.

Afterward, we squeezed in a little stitching time...

And then as if she hadn't already done enough for us, she made
a lovely dinner on her last night in town. You see, she had made
meatballs for David while we were gone, and then she put them
in the freezer. So, she cooked those up with pasta and sauce,
and she made a wonderful salad to go with it. Then, she had
everything to make a vegetarian dish for me, but I saved that
for later and ate the pasta without meatballs. I just thought
that was really nice of her to think of. :)

Finally, Sandy wanted a couple pictures of us to take with her
on her camera. Worked for me! We don't have very many.
So, I was glad to get these copies.

Thanks for everything, mom!
Having you here was so nice, and having you take care of
the babies was amazing. We didn't worry about them one
time when we were gone because we knew they were in
very good and totally loving hands.

Until next time...


Lis said...

Thats so sweet of her! Its great that you get along so well with your MIL! Im glad she took such good care of your babies while you were gone! That just makes a vacation all the more relaxing!

Hendricks said...

Love the pictures of you and David!

Olivia said...

So cute! Great MIL's rock!