Saturday, August 29, 2009

{Merry Mexico}

It's been a very slow blog month for me, huh? I've been
otherwise occupied finishing summer school, going on
vacation and then starting the fall semester. Today, I'm
glad to finally be able to share the rest of the photos from
our trip!


This getaway was amazing.
So very peaceful.
Practically nothing on the agenda.
It was perfect.

The best parts:
- Beachin' it together for seven whole days and six nights
without phones, email, computers, etc.
- David didn't have to get on a flight and leave anywhere
at any point. We were actually together for a whole week!
- I got to reconnect with my best friend. It was great.

We got up.
Watched and listened to the waves roll in.

Went to breakfast.
Went to the beach.

Napped, read and dipped in the water.
Then, we'd lunch
and do more dipping, reading and napping.

We snorkeled and kayaked a bit, too. Right off the beach.
Twenty minutes here and there. We both saw tons of small,
very colorful fish. Just gorgeous! And piranhas. David
saw a manta ray and a squid.

Then, we'd shower up and go to a lovely dinner, somewhere
within the resort. And that would pretty much be our day.

Only brought the camera out a couple times.
Too "busy" relaxing to be bothered with carrying
and remembering it. :)

Bathing suits and cover ups -- that's pretty much
what I wore. Didn't need half the clothes I brought. :)

My nephew, Aidan, has a great rock collection. His
passions inspired me to pick up interesting pieces
of coral for him that washed up onto the beach. It was

As were the peacocks who lived on the property. :)

Down the beach a ways we saw sea turtle tracks and nests...

On that same walk down the beach, we saw these.
As we were walking up -- and they were still in the distance
-- I worried they were beached whales. But it turned out,
they were just enormous rocks. I don't think either of us had
seen anything like that off the beach before. Kind of interesting.

I think that pretty much covers it!
See? I meant it when I said we just laid around on the beach.
We totally unwound and loved every second of it (except for
learning that no in Mexico sells chew).

It was a wonderful trip and will make for a really nice memory
with D. I'm so glad we went! Here's a few more photos snapped
while we were there. They're mostly ones David took of me,
upon request. :)

I want to go back!


Kristi said...

So glad you and David enjoyed this well-deserved vacation to Mexico! It looks beautiful and relaxing where you were. Your new hair is very cute and you got some lovely portraits down there! Thanks for sharing :)

Trujen said...

It's so nice to see you! You look great!!!
Cute suit, too!
The profile pic of D, b&w, is awesome!
My fav though, the turtle towels!

Lis said...

You are one lucky girl!!! Seriously, I would go and be willing to spend 7 days in that little HUT at the end of this post! Ill go back with you! WANNA???