Saturday, August 22, 2009

{Playing in Playa}

David and I totally enjoyed our wonderful week in
beautiful Mexico. It was such a nice getaway!
Insanely relaxing -- very little on the to do list.

We did manage to go into Playa del Carmen one day
for a few hours. It's the closest town to where we
stayed. About a thirty minute taxi ride from Riviera

Just popped in and out of shops and lunched. It's
such a cute town. Pretty touristy but nice.

A few photos (and some tan lines!) were basically the only
souvenirs we brought back...

(Such a cute boy ... Mmm-mm-mm!!)

A few other photos in another post, coming soon.
Hope you're all well, happy and squeezing the last bits of
goodness out of August.


carlene federer said...

gorgeous place, great photos! glad you got some fun in the sun!

Kristi said...

The colors are so bright and fun! Great job with the photos and glad to hear ya'll had such a nice time! Now bring on the beach pics!

Kristi said...

and yes, your man is hot!

Lis said...

Awesome Pictures Sam! Serioualy. SO colorful! Makes me want to go to Mexico!!! I love how you capture the little things that no one else would notice and make them look ENCHANTING! Do I even need to say it anymore?? NO. But i will! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-!

Trujen said...

Beautiful colors! So rich and warm!
You look fantastic!!! So does D!
I'm so happy you had a relaxing time! You totally needed this break!

Sue Thomas said...

Welcome home! After scroll through your photos I feel like I went on a little vacation myself! Love them, Sam!!!

Amy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I think you took beautiful pictures on your vacation. I also think you could have easily fit those under the topics the peacock under Something Wild. Awesome photos!