Saturday, August 01, 2009

{Resolution Time: August}

Sticking to my '09 resolution to make three new resolutions
for every month. The new month means it's time to:
~ review how I did with July goals
~ make new August goals

NOTE: Is July seriously over? I was school focused and did
little else! This month seems to be over just as it started.

July Resolution Review:
1. Refocus on school: Manage study time. Go to class M-F.
Get stuff done for it early in the day and on time. Leave the
house early so I don't have to rush or speed to get there.
Have lunch and drink in reusable bottle in hand.
Well, school is going. With or without me!
There are actually several little goals wrapped into this one.
I've totally rocked my plan to bring drinks and food instead
of buying it. Between Monday AM and Friday before dinner,
I only spent about $10/wk on that stuff. Not bad considering
I'm there M-F and it's crazy hot (and so drinks are a must).
Also felt great about meeting my goal to leave on time and not
be late or rushed. Unfortunately, Political Ideologies was the
red headed step child of summer session. I didn't put my
normal amount of energy into it. French just took over. And
really, French kicked my ass. It's tough to learn a language
when you don't have a good foundation in it. It's like building
the third floor of a building on top of a sand castle. Six more
days ... six more days ...

2. Look for a part time job.
Haven't "looked" particularly hard but I wanted to put this
desire out in the Universe so I could open myself up to some
possibilities. I have an interview on the 19th with a small,
locally owned and run company. Not sure how many hours
they would require but it sounds interesting. I also applied
for a position as a shooting assistant for documentary inter-
views that would just be a two month deal. And then I filled
out applications at Sprouts and Whole Foods cuz I think I
could dig spending some time there. So, we'll see. I'm glad
I started looking. I'm definitely still school focused...

3. Start refinishing bathroom cabinets.
It's such a good thing I wrote this goal down because if it
weren't for that, I wouldn't have even thought about this
project in July. (It was easier not to do between school and
the heat.) So, to "qualify", I removed the doors & then
tomorrow morning, I have a date with the sander. Hey, the
goal was to start, and I started -- sort of. :) Either way,
I'm underway and will now do a bit here and there until
they're done.

August Resolutions:
1. Have an amazing getaway with my husband! No emails.
No phones. No agenda. No stress. Total focused on simply
enjoying the moment and each other.

2. Go see or do something cool in the Phoenix area that
I've never seen or done. (Now taking suggestions.)

3. Sew something with my sewing machine for the very
first time. (Planning on this being a simple project like on
a card or scrapbook page probably.)

NOTE: Last month, my resolutions started to feel more like
a to do lists then I wanted them to. This month, I think I got
back on track -- even if all my resolutions are fun ones this
time! But the work this month will be there in finishing both
summer classes and starting my fall semester. The to do list
is still there too, but it's separate, as I want it to be.

A lot of you seemed to connect to my last post about doing a
million things at once and having trouble living in the moment.
What helps you to slow down and appreciate each moment
as it comes? What do you do to keep your mental to do list
organized so your mind can be clear and calm?


Lis said...

man, my mind is NEVER clean and calm. Well, unless I make a list and do everything on it. I hate lists tho. The only thing ive done on my GOAL list is NOT chop my hair off. haha! Im pathetic.

I like all your goals this month. I wish you could come over here, ill show you how to sew! 10 ruffles to be exact! AH! Im so dreading my 2nd curtain. All your job options sound really fun too!!! I love that youre aiming to do something you LOVE instead of just working your life away doing CRAP like most people. GO YOU!!!! I wish you lived closer really, we could like HANG OUT or something.

Sue Thomas said...

I just love your resolutions for August!!!!

As for managing my mental to do list, I try not to over commit and always get those pesky little things done so my brain has no reason to go there.