Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{I *Heart* Officer M. Barry of the Chandler Police Department}

Because this morning when he pulled me over for speeding
on Riggs Road, just outside of my neighborhood ...

... he let me off with a warning.

I wasn't living in the moment like Chelsie keeps reminding
me I should in order to be happier, calmer and more collected.
Something I remind myself of so many times a day but just
failed to think of at that moment.

That's because I was too preoccupied thinking about all the
things I needed to do. In fact, at the moment when his radar
detector detected me ...

... I was calling my house to leave a message for myself as a
reminder to return movies to Blockbuster and take my pills

And I was thinking about all the rules for all three passed
tenses that I need to know for my test this morning. And ...

... About stopping for gas.
About where I should study after class.
About my appointment at 2pm and everything I want to cover.
About when I could make time to take Norah to the vet.
About the things I wanted to get at the store (which I should
have just put down on a list so I could stop worrying that I'd
forget) ...

... About the phone calls I was going to make while driving to
Dr. Dietzgen about my birth control prescription refill -- to
ASU to find out about checking out camera equipment -- to
Alejandra -- to Tempe Camera Repair -- and so on.

Thanks to Officer M. Barry, I made the decision to slow
my mind down, and as if by magic, my speedometer followed.
Imagine that!

It's a good day afterall.


Olivia said...

It's hard to live in the moment at times...but it's so much better when you can slow down, and take a deep breath. Wishing you a peaceful week!

Samara Link said...

Thanks for that, Olivia. You are so right. It's something I want to develop so that it's just a way of life, but as it is right now, I have to think myself into that place. That also means I fall out of it and back into my chaotic brain a lot. This is something I will someday master!!

Anne said...

Sam, I am fifty-three years old. I have wrinkles. I have two grown children, a grandchild, a somewhat grown-up husband, four dogs (one of them has rheumatoid arthritis and is crippled), a cat, a four bedroom, three bathroom house, a son who is getting married ten days, five dresses I need to complete before that weddding, a job (thank God I work from home and I don't have to get out of my pajamas!) Daily I take a hormone pill (HRT) due to menopause. I take a pill to slow my heart rate down due to SVT (tachicardia) because I am so stressed out. I ingest a multi-suppliment vitamin, 1000 mg of vitamin C to combat bruises my 100 lb. dogs leave on my body when they knock me over trying to exit the back door, and Evening Primrose Oil to tackle the pain I have in my breasts due to menopause. I work a 45 (FORTY-FIVE) hour work week at my part-time job. I am praying rosaries daily to our Holy Mother, Mary, for good weather on August 8, 2009 when Ian and Brandy get married. My hairdresser messed up the color on my hair today. My husband got into an accident with our almost-brand-new truck last Friday. My once beautiful nails are now barely visible on the tips of my fingers due to all the sewing I have been doing lately. My own dress for my son's wedding is not completed. I haven't ordered my shoes for the wedding yet. My house is a disaster, the cat's litter box stinks and I just fired my housekeeeper. The most important thing on my mind is the fact that my son and I have to dance together at his wedding reception and he is a poorer dancer than than his father ever was. Four-Four time. One, two, three, four. He wants to break it down into fractions!

My sweet Samara, I am glad you are thankful the Lord above sent someone like Officer Barry into your life!

I would just love to have someone around to tell me to slow down!

Trujen said...

You both (Samara and my mother) need to chill!
I am so dizzy just reading both of your posts!

Love to both of you! I wish I could jump inside your heads and calm you down!

Trujen said...

You both (Samara and my mother) need to chill!
I am so dizzy just reading both of your posts!

Love to both of you! I wish I could jump inside your heads and calm you down!

carlene federer said...

OMG, you are a naughty naughty speeder girl! Glad u flirted ur way out of the ticket, lol! ;)

Sue Thomas said...

What a great reminder to slow down and realize what a gift "right now" can be, even if right now we're in traffic. Thanks, Sam!!!

cheryl said...

i love this! although, i have the exact opposite problem...i seem to live in the moment so much that i always forget everything else i need to do! lucky for me i have a new husband that is so organized it should be a crime.