Tuesday, August 04, 2009

{Back to Back Stitch-and-Bitch Sessions}

It's fun to be a girl. :)

Especially when I get together with Carlene and Linds
for our bi-monthly stitch-n-bitch sessions.

Yes, we always sit shoulder to shoulder when we stitch.
And then we get into pillow fights in our unmentionables
and have dinner on the table at 5:30 PM.
I KID!! Of course.

I don't know what I like best about this day. Seeing Lindsay
and Carlene to catch up, chat, laugh, watch a movie, have
lunch, and do embroidery ... or having the chance to love on
Boston and Teagan. They're pretty amazing. It's a toss up!

We met for s-n-b two weeks in a row in July. This was our
first time to do a little sipping. I tell ya, it's more about the
girls and hanging out then it is about stitching a lotta days. :)
(Check out Lindsay's new hair!)


carlene federer said...

lolol, u are too funny! and We are too funny ha! aren't we just the most precious girls ever? i would be so jealous of us if i wasn't one of us, lol!!!

Sue Thomas said...

Oh my goodness you look like you are all having so much fun! I truly wish I was there with you!!!!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

I just LOVE your hair right now! The color and cut are so, so cute!!