Wednesday, July 01, 2009

{Resolution Time: July}

Sticking to my '09 resolution to make three new resolutions
for every month. The new month means it's time to:
~ review how I did with June goals
~ make new July goals

June Resolution Review:
1. Make a list of several things I am doing and/or need to be
doing. Give myself the grade I want in each category, along
with the grade I am currently earning. Use this as a reference
for what I want to work on going forward.
-- CHECK! Very revealing, great exercise. Helped me to
prioritise and see what I actually want to work on. Did it
once. Then, re-evaluated and updated it completely.

2. Make a list outlining what I ideally want my life to look like
and then under each item, detail what I can do right now to
start making that happen. Then, put that list in order of my
-- This is 20% done. It's actually a pretty huge project.
Planning to work on it during my travel day tomorrow. I
spent a lot of time thinking about it though. :)

3. Start couples work with David. Focus on our marriage.
-- CHECK! Found someone we really like, (which was harder
then I guessed it would be). Doing some good communicating.
Feels great.

Other side goals in June:
Remodel our bathroom
-- Demo is done. Finally chose and bought tile today! Still have
all the remodel to do, but at least we started it and now we're
ready to make progress on the remodel part.

Start 3-Day fundraising
-- Crap. Didn't do this at all. Gotta start in July. Gotta.

-- CHECK! Posted my results yesterday. Very fun to do. Also
did two maternity shoots for friends and got some new editing
actions that I've been practicing with. And I watched a few
photoshop tutorials online. Good photography month.

Keep my schedule and to do list in a planner (started in May)
-- CHECK! I am officially someone who has and uses a planner!
I love it. It's new but already a habit, and it's terribly helpful.
I add to and check it every day. I've also been making daily
to do lists that are reasonable, and actually following through
on them. So determined to keep this up and make it part of
my lifestyle.

Get ready for the baby shower I'm throwing on the 27th
-- CHECK! Got everything done that I wanted to do and more.
The party was a total success.

July Resolutions:
1. Refocus on school -- Manage study time. Go to class M-F.
Get stuff done for it early in the day and on time. Leave the
house early so I don't have to rush or speed to get there.
Have lunch and drink in reusable bottle in hand.
2. Look for a part time job.
3. Start refinishing bathroom cabinets.

Also in July:
- Finish editing Barb and Jason's maternity shoot
- Finish editing Jenny and Anthony's maternity shoot
- Start 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk fund raising
- Refocus on my body: Healthy, low sugar, high fiber,
decent-amount-of-protein kind of eating. Walking/jogging
or yoga three times a week minimum. Weigh a little less by
the end of the month.
- Plan August getaway with David

NOTE: Next month, stick to three resolutions. Resist adding
a to do list at the end!

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