Friday, July 03, 2009

{Gettin' Our Baby Shower On}

You may have already seen posts about getting ready for
a baby shower and another about the desserts I made for it.
Now it's time for some photos of the party itself!

(This was a shower for all the ladies at PCI -- where the
guest of honor, her husband and my husband all work.)

This is Barb, the glowing mom-to-be

The food and drink stations were a lot of fun to set up

One third of the guests at the shower had a baby bump!
In order of due dates from left to right: Jenny, Barb & Mandi
Jenny is due with a boy in one week. Barb has a month to
go and doesn't know the gender! Mandi is due just before
Halloween, and they are also having a boy.

After chatting, eating and sipping -- we did a little activity.
No shower games as I decided we've done them all at other
showers and it would be fun to do something different. So,
I asked each guest to bring a bead for Barb. We took turns
adding it to a string and saying some words of encouragement,
wisdom or well wishes to the mom-to-be. (This is an idea I
borrowed from Kim Kwan who did this for Lindsay's shower.)

Kim (left) and Martha, in particular, had everyone in tears
with the sentiments they brought.

(From left to right: Jenny, Kim, Martha, Mandi, & Cynthia.)
I was so impressed that every single person remembered
their bead! Mandi (in turquoise at the end of the couch)
even made a paper bead, which was really cool.

(Same as above plus Barb, Adrianna & Kathy.)
Barb, checking out the charm after everyone added their bead
with love.

I asked my friend, Alejandra the beader, to restring it so it was
strong and stable. (Thanks, Ale!) This is the finished product.

Barb is planning to take this into the delivery room with her
and then clip it to the diaper bag once they're home!

Then, we moved onto PRESENTS...
(Gosh, being a girl is all kinds of fun, isn't it?!)

Barb got a lot of great gifts. This Moses basket from
Jenny (and Anthony) was beautiful and matches Barb
and Jason's colors. It was almost bigger then Barb!

She also got to show us how the cloth diapers work that
they plan to use (from Wildflower Diapers in Scottsdale).
I think this is such a great thing to do for the earth, and
it's nice to be learning about it through their experience
and research.

There were lots of handmade gifts given, too. She got three
absolutely gorgeous and thoughtful blankets. Kathy (far left)
made that one and the green and brown one to the right. See
that last photo? The small croqueted piece is a memento for
the baby book. Now, Barb can tell their kiddo that this blanket
was handmade by her friend and she received it at her baby
shower. I thought that was a fabulous idea!! Martha
made the beautiful green, yellow and cream one in the
center. So nice!

Now for the cherry on top at the end of the shower...

I ordered these gorgeous, 100% custom-made onesie cookies
from Sara Fehling. All the cookies were either white or green
with contrasting white, green and dark brown decorations --
little buttons or "baby". They were SO DAMN CUTE! She did
a great job. I know it was a ton of work for her, and I was
very appreciative.

Congratulations to Barb and Jason!


Unknown said...

Wow you sure know how to throw a party! Great ideas! I especially love the idea about the beads...I may use this when I plan my next baby shower for a friend. Thanks!

SplendidlyImperfect said...

They look so cute all bagged and ribbonned and in the basket! Almost like a professional did them, LOL!

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Steph said...

Everything looks great!!!

Sue Thomas said...

Looks like a fabulous party, Sam! The bead string is such a beautiful thing to do!!!