Monday, October 05, 2009

{Stapley Arrest}

This package is introduced by anchor David Gonzalez...

There have been developments in this story since I originally put this package together,
but I haven't researched them myself to do a follow up story. So, I won't comment on
them here.

I learned a lot about "the process" doing this story, and it meant a few firsts for me.
First breaking news story. First time at the 4th Avenue Jail for an Initial Appearance
hearing. First time recording an intro and tag on the green screen. It was a fun turn,
in which I learned a lot. Something else for my resume tape!


Lis said...

Oh Sam! Its really GOOD! Youre like a REAL reporter! I cant believe you had the courage to go down there and do that! I would have freaked out! Youre amazing.

AMR said...

Awesome job Sam! I looove the laceless shoe shot!

Trujen said...

Great Job Sam!!!
You look and sound great! Very confident!!!
I too love the laceless shoe shot! It was funny.

Trujen said...
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Kristi said...

You're a real pro now, Sam! I was so into it, I forgot I was listening to was like watching the real news.