Thursday, August 26, 2010

{Raising Rosetti}

That's the name of Jenny's blog, or rather, Achille's blog. Jenny writes it in her son's voice,
and it is hands down, the most entertaining and witty kid-focused blog I've had the pleasure
of reading.

I was honored that Jenny and Anthony asked me to document their family as Achille turned
a year old. (You might remember the photos I took of them last fall when she was preggers
with him.) Here are a few captures from their family shoot, where their beautiful backyard
set the perfect scene ...

More photos coming soon from the mommy-and-me portion of our shoot. :)


Jenny said...

Thanks for dedicating a post to us Sam! The pictures are great, I love them all!

Lis said...

I'm SUPER impressed with all of your pictures! I think they are all adorable! Not that I should expect otherwise, but ya know! I just had to tell ya!


carlene federer said...

Cute family, and the pix are adorable! They will love having your gorgeous shots to remember those moments by!