Tuesday, August 24, 2010

{Project: Purse Organization Solution}

I stumbled upon an organization idea for my purses that solved a long time storage issue,
and I love it. Since I got a lot of excited feedback on the jewelry organization idea posted
earlier, I thought I'd share this one, too.

My purses have long-lived in the spot designated for them in the top shelf of my office closet.
I liked the idea of having them out of sight and all in one location, but getting them in and out
was always a hassle. The whole short-girl, high-shelf dynamic didn't work and was made
worse by my insistence to hold onto too many purses, including ones I don't even use
anymore. They'd get tangled up and pulling things in and out of the space was stressful.

Not anymore! First, I thinned them out -- getting rid of a half a dozen older, cheaper and
out of style purses. Next, I repurposed a wine rack that came in our buffet. It fits like a
glove in the top shelf of my closet and each compartment makes the perfect sized nook for
a purse or two. Now each one has their own space, they don't get tangled together, it's easy
to slide them in and out, and I can see what's where with total organized clarity. I love it!

The photos don't do this org project justice. (It's a tricky height and angle to reach with the
camera.) Hopefully it's clear enough and you're able to get the idea ... shelf, wine rack, purses,

What at-home projects are you working on these days? Have you found a home
organization solution that really works for you? If so, I'd love to hear about it.


Linsey said...

I love this simple yet elegant idea.

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Marcia, Organising Queen said...

I'm a bit of a handbag freak myself - LOVE the idea of the wine rack.

I use a coat rack, one with about 18 spokes :)

I used a wine rack in one house for the boxes of tinfoil, plastic wrap, etc. worked great!

Unknown said...

LOVE the idea!! I have one too many purses! I need organization for them.

Thanks!!! Now, I'm off to buy a wine rack lol.

corner wine cabinet said...

This is such a great idea!