Wednesday, October 14, 2009

{Jenny and Anthony; Baby in the Making}

I make no claims to be a professional photographer, but I'm having fun playing with
it. It helps when I find a subject to do a whole shoot with. I learn a lot each time and
enjoy the process so much. It's just so much fun...

I feel thankful to have had a chance to photograph Jenny when she was pregnant.
She's gorgeous, and pregnancy was good to her! These photos were taken just a
couple weeks before her son was born. It's so important to document these big
moments in life, and I'm happy to know she'll have some photos of the time she
was pregnant with Achille. Dad, Anthony, popped in for a few, too. They make a
gorgeous couple.

So, I included like a million photos in this post. Not always good at self editing. :)


Unknown said...

Awesome photographs Samara! Great job :)

Lis said...

Beautiful Sam! I especially love her in Blue! These pictures have a great feeling!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Wow! You are so talented Sam! Now I am the one who is impressed by you! (For at least the hundreth time!) Your friend looks so beautiful and happy

Steph said...

Wow!!! Beautiful pictures!!

elizabeth said...

these are great Sam! she's beautiful. :)

TruJen Phtography said...

Samara Danielle Link, you've done a fantastic job here. I love all the poses and the colors. The lighting is perfect too! The only question I have, when are you coming up to shoot my prego pics???
So proud of you!!!

Kim Kwan said...

beautiful photos, Sam!! xoxo

Jenny said...

Sooo...this comment is a long time coming, but to those of you who did leave comments on this post - Sam is awesome. She is an incredible photographer.

I post this comment as the baby in the tummy in these pictures - but my mommy cherishes these pictures almost as much as she does me. She says she can't really explain what they mean to her because there aren't big enough words. She saw these pictures after I was born, and had already forgotten what it was like to have me in her tummy. These pictures bring back all the feelings and memories and are worth more than a million zillion words to her.

Sam you created an immortal beginning to life that my family will cherish until the end of time. Thank you so much Sam. AMR