Friday, October 16, 2009

{Property Tax Bill Translation}

Story time! Hope you enjoy...

Just a note about this one. It actually turned out pretty well considering it was
done on the exciting topic of taxes. I found a man who was passionate about taxes,
and the video I got of him added a lot to the story. Plus, some of you may recognize
the relater, the beautiful Diane Baldo. She's Lindsay's mom. She was wonderful! As
a property owner, I actually learned a lot that I'm happy to know, by putting this
package together. I now know why my tax bill won't be going down this year even
though my home value has dropped a whopping 30%/. And I know what my options
are to appeal when the time comes. Hope you learn something, too!

Have a good weekend, all. :)


Brittany said...

wow, who is that hot lady on that video? Dang, she sure looks like a kick ass realtor. I would probably use her!


PS...good story!

Kristi said...

Another fine piece, Sam!