Sunday, July 04, 2010

{Return of the Dragonfly}

My heart skipped a beat right over to my zoom lens when I saw the dragonflies
return. It's been awhile since they've graced our yard with their presence. Oh,
I'm so glad these fabulous fliers came back ...

If you have just a second, click on these to enlarge. The third one is especially cute, while
the delicate detail in the wings of the fourth one is worth a look. I have no idea how these
tiny guys survives in the heat of our Arizona summer, but I'm sure glad they do.


Diane Baldo said...

love the detail on the wings!! great photos sam!!

House of Foodies said...

When do you have time for Photo 201? I learned everything I know on my camera from you, now I'm ready for more!! :) These pictures are amazing!

Unknown said...

awesome photos! what lens are you using? fantastic!!

elizabeth said...

SO gorgeous!!

TruJen Phtography said...

WOW! Beautiful! These are so amazing.

Just a thought, and I know this might ruin the photo, but you might want to start adding a watermark on your photos you post. I was reading this article about a guy who's photos were being lifted off his site and being used for commercial use without his permission. He got a nice sum in a lawsuit but who wants to go there.
Just an idea. These photos are totally worthy of print! (And saving!)