Monday, October 01, 2007

Found a New Subject... the Back Yard.

Two actually.

First, the golden dragon flies that have been fluttering
around the yard.

(All way better enlarged -- especially the first three. Totally
worth the time to click. These guys are cool close up. I think
you can see a smile on the first one.)

Second, the sunset.

The original idea was to take a picture
of myself with the sunset behind me.
After many failed attempts...

...I finally decided give up on that idea.
Instead, I just played around with this one (even
though I have flash-face)...

...And did the amazing Arizona sunset by itself...

Wow, huh? It's like a little present from
Mother Earth at the end of the day.
You just have to be around to open it.

p.s. Sometimes I forget I have freckles until I see
them in a picture. They always surprise me.

1 comment:

TruJen Phtography said...

Love, Love, Love is post. So beautiful!!!!!!
I clicked and saw him smile. :o) Also looks like he has goggles on. Probably required safety gear while working out in the field. Ha!

Gorgeous sunset. Keep sending those, we don't get them nearly as nice as yours.

ps I like freckles.